Mavenlink Review

April 8, 2019

12:16 pm

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  • Established: 2011
  • HQ: Irvine, CA, US
  • Used by large teams like Salesforce and Buzzfeed
  • Focused on service based businesses
  • Customizable third-party service integrations

A solid project management tool that is used by small teams and large corporations alike.

Every project management software tool has a focus and set of features that it’s known for. In the case of Mavenlink, it's a focus on service-based businesses, where dealing with clients is paramount. It also has a great pricing tier for teams under five members.

One of the key features of Mavenlink's interface is the use of Gantt charts. That's not a particularly original feature, but it is a very useful tool for organizing task dependencies and getting a high-level view of project tasks. Mavenlink has an attractive, largely text-centric interface, but for teams greater than five – or smaller teams with advanced needs – it gets expensive, quickly.

  • Excellent choice for teams with five employees or fewer
  • Gantt charts are crucial for organization
  • Post project specific messages and documents via email

What is Mavenlink?

Mavenlink was founded in 2011, and while it’s not as well known as other project management software options, it does have a lot to offer its users – without the complicated pricing schemes of competitors like Asana. Mavenlink bills itself as the “modern collaborative platform”, and promises to elevate the businesses that use it.

According to the company, projects are the “fuel” on which modern companies run. Its software is supposed to help you streamline these projects, allowing you to stay organized and complete each one effectively. Of course, whether Mavenlink achieves that is something you have to judge for yourself.

Mavenlink offers integration with a number of customer relationship management platforms. It can create effective plans that take into account what each team member is working on, and allows everyone in the company to see what's going on in each project.

In This Guide:

Mavenlink Video Overview: See It in Action

This video provides an overview of Mavenlink's project workspace, which shows many of the features we covered in the previous section including tasks, activity feed, and Gantt charts.

Mavenlink Review Verdict

Mavenlink is a clean-looking project management tool with a lot to recommend, including the ability to use key features such as task dependencies and the Gantt chart overview in the lower pricing tiers. The interface isn't quite as clean and easy to understand as something like Asana.

Nevertheless, it's a solid choice for project management, especially if all you need are tasks and other fundamentals. Once you require items such as financials or resource management, the price escalates quite significantly, and a healthy comparison with other options is well advised.

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