Teamwork Projects Review 2019

April 25, 2019

12:36 pm

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  • Established: 2007
  • HQ: Blackpool, Cork, Ireland
  • Free tier is a good option for small teams of 5 or less
  • Webhooks feature allows for automated actions
  • Some well known third-party integrations missing, but Zapier is available

A cleanly designed, easy-to-use project management tool that’s a good value for the money.

Teamwork Projects has a lot to offer its users, and does so for a pretty good price compared to other project management tools. In some cases, it may even be over-equipped, but for those who like being able to save all kinds of data in all kinds of places, then Teamwork Projects may be a great choice. It offers notes and tags on tasks, for example, but there are also project-specific areas for files, links, and even notebooks for recording general project information or research.

Teamwork Projects also offers integrated chat – something of a rarity, and a helpful feature for teams not already invested in a tool such as Slack or HipChat. It also has built-in time tracking, with a companion desktop app to make billing or performance metrics easier.

Like other project management software, Teamwork Projects uses flexibility as a big selling point. It doesn't have the flexibility or customizability of a, but it does offer a lot of capabilities to its users at a relatively low price.

  • Native chat feature
  • Budget-level pricing
  • Select third-party integrations limited to certain pricing tiers

What is Teamwork Projects?

Teamwork Projects is one of many products from, Ltd., an Ireland-based company focused on web-based productivity software. In addition to Projects, Teamwork also offers chat, helpdesk, and document management products. Projects is the company's project management software, and the first product that it launched.

Teamwork says Projects reduces the complexity of team collaboration by allowing everyone to see what they're working on, and what requires special attention, through the use of features like personal dashboards. It also offers a variety of views, from basic task lists and Kanban-style boards to calendar views and Gantt charts. Teams can also add milestones, sub-tasks, and notes, and use notebooks for research materials. Teamwork Projects even offers social media-like status updates, so that personal profiles can easily broadcast to all team members what everyone is working on.

In This Guide:

Team Projects Features

Teamwork covers the basics for project management software, and it does so in a fairly conservative looking interface. Individual tasks offer all the details needed, including the ability to leave comments, assign team members, add files, and set priority levels, progress indicators, tags, dependencies, and privacy levels (if you need to restrict task visibility within the team). There are also the multiple task views you'd expect, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars.

Teamwork Projects Desktop Timer

Time tracking for desktop

If a team needs to track time spent on a task for metrics or billing, they’ll find Teamwork Projects' Timer app to be a helpful resource. While time tracking is often a key part of running an effective project, this feature is usually farmed out to third parties, or hidden behind upper pricing tiers. Teamwork provides a timer app as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The timer allows users to login with their Teamwork account, choose the appropriate project, select their task, and start a timer to accurately log the time spent.

Portfolio view

Teamwork Projects offers a Portfolio view for Premium and Enterprise pricing tiers, which lets team members get an overview of multiple projects at once using a Kanban-style board. The portfolio isn't automatically generated – instead, users have to create their own columns for the board, such as one for a specific client or company department. They then add projects to the board, click on the project, and view the project overview with metrics such as tasks, time spent, milestones, breakdown of tasks by team member responsibility, and an activity trend.

Integrated chat

Teamwork has its own chat function, making it easy for team members to communicate in real time. This is an advantage for teams who don't already have a solution like HipChat or Slack. Even if they do, Teamwork's chat integrates with the Projects tab, meaning you can chat with team members in real time within a specific project to discuss issues, risks, or tasks without jumping between windows or tabs.

Teamwork Projects Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

This video from Teamwork gives a basic overview of getting started with a new project in Teamwork Projects. Take a look to get a better idea of how this software works before making a decision for yourself.

Team Projects Pricing offers four pricing tiers for Projects. The first is called Free Forever, and doesn't cost you a cent. At this level, you get a maximum of 5 users, 100MB of file space, a limit of two active projects, a limited number of boards, and the ability to use subtasks and color themes.

Bump up to the Pro tier, and you'll pay $9 per user, per month (billed annually). This tier requires a minimum of 5 users, and gives the team 100GB of file space, a limit of 300 projects and 50 users, board views, subtasks, color themes, instant file editing, webhooks, and third-party integration with Google Drive,, OneDrive Personal, Dropbox, Slack, and Microsoft Office.

The third tier is called Premium, and costs $15 per user, per month. This tier increases file space to 250GB, and you get a limit of 600 projects and up to 100 users. You also get everything that's in Pro, plus the project portfolio overview feature, two-factor authentication, custom domain usage with SSL, and additional integrations including Microsoft Office, HubSpot, OneDrive Business, Sharepoint, Microsoft Connectors, and Microsoft Project.

Finally, there's Enterprise, which doesn't have public pricing. It offers more than 500GB of file space, unlimited projects, more than 100 users, and everything that's in Premium. It also adds single sign-on, increased security, and a dedicated customer service representative.

Team Projects Review Verdict

Team Projects is a good service. In some cases, we wonder if its interface isn't a little too much, since it doesn't feel as tightly organized as other services. Nevertheless, it offers a good number of options for those who love to keep notes, or who need to save links in a dedicated spot.

Pricing is also good, although Projects could do with a wider variety of built-in integrations – many of which are available on competitor platforms. Noticeable gaps include options for customer resource management and software development.

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