WorkflowMax Review 2019

June 28, 2019

11:49 am

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  • Established: 2007

  • HQ: Auckland, NZ
  • Easy quoting and invoicing
  • Flexible customization options
  • Great reporting and analytics

A simple project management solution with a strong set of core features

WorkflowMax is job management software that helps businesses track jobs, quotes, and invoicing in a central location. It also offers analytics tools to help users understand the trends in all of these areas, and to help managers make informed business decisions.

Available at a fair price plan and a design that functions well once users are past the learning curve, the software service comes with a solid feature set that should keep most businesses happy, and certainly beats any manual paperwork alternatives.

  • Reasonable prices
  • Interface could be more intuitive
  • Integrates with Xero

What is WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is an end-to-end job management software solution, covering lead management and quoting as well as interoffice tasks such as timesheets, invoicing and other job management chores. First founded in 2007, it was acquired by the New Zealand-based online accounting software company Xero in 2012, and now includes an integration with Xero that allows users to import and export details and invoices to the service.

WorkflowMax users have noted a learning curve due to complex features and a less-than-intuitive interface, but these issues are easy to overlook thanks to the big benefit of upgrading to WorkflowMax: the time saved. Users who might otherwise spend hours on the paperwork needed to create invoices or sort through jobs will be able to accomplish these tasks in seconds. All the time saved by cutting out paperwork can go towards truly useful work, keeping clients happy while growing your company's revenues.

This guide takes a look at the core abilities WorkflowMax has to offer as a project management service before explaining how their pricing plans work and offering our final verdict on whether this software service is worth the cost.

In This Guide:

WorkflowMax Features

Job Management

WorkflowMax job management dashboardUsers can browse an overview dashboard of all their jobs, whether in progress, on hold, or in the planning stage. The list of jobs can be viewed in order of deadlines, important dates, or by the staff allocated to each. Overdue jobs are highlighted in red, and all jobs come with a green percentage bar, tracking how far along each one is.

Notifications can be triggered when jobs details are updated or when deadlines are approaching.

Quoting & Invoicing

WorkflowMax's online quoting software lets its users generate and send customizable estimates to their clients in a timely manner with little effort.

When creating an invoice, the service can automatically pull client information from other areas of WorkflowMax, such as for leads or jobs. This means each new invoice is immediately populated with necessary details – something anyone who's lost hours filling in invoicing entries will appreciate.

Other details, including job description, budget and due dates can be manually entered, and quotes can then be generated based on staff rates, project rates, or time spent.

Custom templates are supported, letting users add their logo to the invoices they send out.


WorkflowMax analytics toolsWith WorkflowMax's analytics tools, users will be able to crunch the data surrounding their jobs and tasks. Potential insights from these performance reports include which employees are the most consistently profitable and which types of clients or services earn the company the most money. With a proactive approach, managers can apply these insights to ensure the company makes smarter decisions and grows its bottom line.

Performance reports aside, WorkflowMax also offers reporting tools to handle timesheet information (letting you check estimated hours against actual hours worked) or invoicing information (keeping you on track to hit revenue targets while ensuring any clients who haven't paid don't fall through the cracks.


Their mobile app is available on iOS and Android, offering a selection of the most important features found on the main desktop software – though not all of them. With the app, users can track their work hours accurately even while on the go. A sizeable 35% of WorkflowMax's total customer base is on mobile, and the app averages 22,320 active monthly users.

WorkflowMax Video Overview: Project Management Case Study

This video offers a practical look at the administration benefits that result from adopting WorkflowMax into your, well, workflow. It's a case study that looks at Georgina Wilson, a Sydney-based architect who runs her own practice with the help of a certain job management software. Check out the full two-minute video for a frank discussion of which WorkflowMax features proved the most useful for this particular business.

WorkflowMax Pricing

The WorkflowMax service is available in two plans, Standard and Premium. Each of these are available in seven tiers, depending on how many users are needed. Both plans offer the features listed earlier in our review, though the Premium plan also includes productivity reporting, client groups, and recurring invoices.

The WorkflowMax Standard plan is $20 for one user, $45 for three users, 55$ for five users, $120 for 10 users, $190 for 20 users, $275 for 50 users, and $350 for 100 users.

The Premium plan is available on the same per-user basis, but with higher pricing: It charges $70 for one user, $95 for three users, 105$ for five users, $170 for 10 users, $240 for 20 users, $325 for 50 users, and $400 for 100 users.

Additional users after that 100th user under either plan will be charged $5 per user, and none of the prices include sales tax. It's all paid month-to-month, letting you upgrade to a higher number of users easily, and comes with a 14-day free trial that doesn't require any credit card information upfront.

WorkflowMax Review Verdict

WorkflowMax is a recommended tool for project management. Used correctly, it will streamline a business's efficiency while crystalizing valuable insights that can guide managers to better business decisions. While the design isn't the perhaps the slickest, it's far from the worst, and the relatively low price plans make WorkflowMax a worthwhile investment for any business that needs to manage jobs, quotes, and invoices.

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