7 Ecommerce Companies That Can Help You Sell More

Kenneth Burke

Sometimes innovation comes as a paradigm shifting idea, and sometimes it comes as a simple tweak or mutation of common practices. These 7 companies bring innovation in all shapes and sizes to the world of ecommerce.

Any one of them could help you sell more products and improve your operations. Imagine what you could do with several! Whether you’re new to the business or a sizable operation, these innovative ecommerce companies will help you crush ecommerce.


To help with viewer bounces and abandonment, Granify tracks users’ micromovements across your site, and compares those micromovements with millions of others to predict what objection to purchasing is going through their mind.

Before a viewer leaves your site, Granify triggers a message to handle their predicted objection, greatly improving your conversion rates in the process.


Shoppable allows you to sell items on your site without needing inventory, which makes it a great tool for affiliates, influencers, and those trying to sell someone else’s products. You can even host the entire checkout process on your site using their Universal Shopping Cart.

This improves the customer experience, and frankly makes it easier for you to sell. You can add your own products to Shoppable, or you can choose from 25,000,000 products already included in Shoppable’s marketplace without needing to collaborate with any brands.

Movable Ink

Movable Ink makes dynamic email marketing possible – and easy – for your brand. You create the structure (email templates, campaigns, triggers) using whichever email service you prefer, and Movable Ink takes care of the rest.

The software tracks subscriber activity on your site, and then displays the most relevant content or offers for that particular person as they open the email.

This “moment-of-open personalization” gives each viewer a unique and personal experience that’s proven to bring your brand higher conversion rates.


Whiplash brings your store scalable fulfillment on-demand. For many, the biggest hurdle in ecommerce isn’t getting viewers to bite. It’s getting inventory from point A to point B, and making sure the customer has a good experience.

Whiplash makes this easy by integrating with your story and processing orders for you on-demand. Just get viewers to purchase, and they’ll take care of the rest, wherever your products might be manufactured or stored.

This makes your job of running a store way easier, and helps you increase profits, too.


RetentionGrid helps with customer retention. According to Harvard Business Review, it can cost anywhere from 5X to 25X more to get a new customer, and just a 5 percent increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25-95 percent.

RetentionGrid segments customers and uses automated campaigns (email, retargeting, etc.) to keep them coming back. They’ll help you regain abandoned shoppers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers.


Stripe makes payment processing for your store super simple. They’re one of those rare unicorns, so large now that we’ve forgotten how much they revolutionized the space.

By placing developers first, they make it easy to process one-time customers and paying subscribers, whatever your platform.


PriceWaiter helps your store convert comparison shoppers by enabling customers to negotiate the price. The software works with any ecommerce platform, and allows viewers to “make an offer” on items they might not want to pay full price for.

You can automatically accept or reject their offer. Either way, this startup guarantees to increase your store’s conversion rates and, more importantly, to make you more money.

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