5 Beliefs That Prevent You from Starting an Ecommerce Business

Abhishek Agarwal

Like any business endeavor, starting an ecommerce company comes with a lot of baggage. There are a number of things that will get in the way of your ultimate goal: the acquisition of capital, the hiring of staff, the search for a suitable office space, the transformation of an idea into a money-making product/service, and the marketing efforts that will make it all worth it. But there are other challenges to starting an ecommerce business that are emotional, mental and even psychological.

The key to staying sane while building a business is to recognize the psychological obstacles as well as the professional obstacles. Self doubt, uncertainty, stress and depression are common among entrepreneurs and can take down a business faster than a product recall. Business is not for the faint-hearted, especially the online business arena, where competition is fierce and failure is part of your daily schedule.

However, ecommerce can easily be solved by applying some effort. Particularly a lot of problems are self-induced and can be solved with a little guidance. Having a positive mentality can make all the difference in keep your company afloat.  When you are starting an ecommerce business, it is not just those self-limiting beliefs that will hold you back. There are various other challenges and misconceptions that hold many people from starting an online business. Here are some of the most common:

1. I'm Not Technically-Inclined

This is perhaps the number one reason people don't start their ecommerce business. Many feel they are not technically-inclined enough to start and run one. After all, how can you start an online company if you don't know how to code?

When it comes to building an online business, all you need is a winning business idea. The rest of the details can be handled by professionals who specialize in web design, development and internet marketing. If you are going to be an online entrepreneur, you only have to know how to manage all your resources in order to bring forth the desired outcome.

2. I'm Not Good with SEO

SEO is very key to the success in online marketing. Fortunately for you, there are lots of reputable companies that specialize in delivering professional SEO work that is going to drive qualified traffic to your website. Don't be afraid to put your company in the hands of people that know what they're doing. It could save you a lot of money.

3. I'm Afraid of the Logistics

With online commerce, it is possible for you to automate everything easily and affordable. Through ecommerce drop shipping, you don’t even have to handle the goods that you are selling to your customers. You only need to create a portal where customers can order products. Then suppliers and manufacturers will drop-ship all the products to your end clients.

With an ecommerce website, you only have to manage the details of the website and automate everything else. There are also mobile commerce solutions that you can use to manage your ecommerce website from the convenience of your smartphone.

4. I Will Not Break Even

Lots of businesses fail within the first year or two. The same applies for online businesses. One of the biggest advantages of online business is that it is easy to scale up without significant costs. That means the success rate is generally higher than your average brick and mortar business. With an internet business, you can easily move from $1000 per month sales to $20,000 per month sales just by tweaking your budget a little bit.

5. I Don’t Have Enough Money

Neither does anyone else. There is no such thing as enough money, particularly if you are running a business. But when it comes to an online company, all you need is a brilliant idea and a brilliant marketing effort in order to succeed. If you do everything right, and get a little lucky, the money should come to you.


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Abhishek Agarwal is CEO and Co-founder of MobiCommerce, an eCommerce mobile store app builder & Ohoshop, a mCommerce platform for local businesses. With an entrepreneurial experience of 14 years, he is a visionary who proactively looks out for the next big thing. He is well versed with trends in the market and love to write about them.