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Contract Data Center Engineers in High Demand


The way information technology departments serve business is rapidly changing. In corporate organizations, it is often said that the IT team is an expense, not a cash generating vertical. IT teams are being looked at more and more as contractors that must meet internal delivery dates and SLA requirements on their projects. In accordance with… Read more »

Creating a Great Influencer Marketing Plan…


Today we always seem to be in need of some unique marketing tactics, and although influencer marketing is still around, it’s not something that’s been perfected by most companies. Influencer marketing is a great way to move your business forward, and it should be a method that never gets old. The biggest question is how… Read more »

NYC vs. Silicon Valley: 5 Factors to Consider

NYC vs Silicon Valley

While the debate of NYC vs. Silicon Valley has been covered in numerous articles, it is important to revisit it in light of some recent shifts in US venture capital activity. Venrock’s Nick Beim notes that New York has been the fastest-growing technology startup ecosystem in the US over the past 10 years and currently ranks 2nd in… Read more »

Take Your Startup to the Next Level by Ditching the Office

remote virtual work

Can breaking free from the office help your startup lead the pack? Today, one in five employees worldwide work remotely at least part-time, and 10 percent of the earth’s workforce are full-time virtual employees. By 2016, projections estimate that 63 million Americans will embrace the telecommuting lifestyle. In the short timeframe from 2005 to 2011 alone, the… Read more »

Top 10 Websites for Students of All Ages

top websites for students

If we started discussing whether technology has improved the educational system or has made students lazy and inactive, the dispute would be neverending. However, things always seem to wrap up to one logical conclusion – the online environment can be either distracting or extremely beneficial. Everything depends on the way students approach the Internet and… Read more »

“Startups Need Someone to Believe in Them” Lori Anne Wardi


The harsh realities of startup life is a topic Tech Cocktail’s co-founder Frank Gruber discusses extensively in his new book Startup Mixology. This week, an audience full of entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear from founder of .CO and Vice President of Neustar Lori Anne Wardi about her experience in the early days of .CO. “There… Read more »

Wantering Acquires StyledOn, Creates Network of Style Bloggers


On Thursday Wantering, a platform for discovering and purchasing clothing from ecommerce stores, launched an invite only network. Wantering Insider Network, or WIN, is a community of style bloggers, and the launch comes alongside Wantering’s acquisition of StyledOn – an established social shopping community and blogger network. The purpose of WIN is to answer some… Read more »

Lessons for Startups from the Success of WeChat in China


When teenagers in China want to exchange contact information, they do so using WeChat accounts. By the end of 2014, the total number of users of the mobile text and voice messaging app by Chinese Internet giant, Tencent, will reach 500 million. What originated as a social platform for chatting and sharing content has become… Read more »

3 Monetization Strategies for Your iPhone Apps

iphone app monetization

There are plenty of iPhone apps in the Apple store, but not all of them are successful. The reasons vary, but it’s often because developers try to simulate some brick-and-mortar experience in a digital format. If we look at the various app store statistics, we find that the Apple Store has more mobile apps. App store sales hit a… Read more »

What Startups Can Learn from The Wizard of Oz

wizard of Oz

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the premiere of “The Wizard of Oz,” a movie that captured my youthful imagination (along with millions of others’) whenever it was shown during the holidays on network TV. In addition to being a huge fan, I also have a visceral connection to this cinematic classic due to playing… Read more »

TheRapTest Brings Rapper RiFF RAFF Into the Fold


Since starting out, TheRapTest has been making big headlines via partnerships and syndicated videos. Recently they added yet another test partnership to their platform with rapper RiFF RAFF and his label Mad Decent, who released his debut album on June 24. TheRapTest, started by Danny Friday, is an objective, comprehensive set of rap knowledge quizzes… Read more »