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3 Ways To Overcome Failure In Sales

failure sales

Many people who dislike sales have this opinion because of the fear of rejection. And while failure is a part of every job, in sales you typically have more failure than success. You must be brave to be on the front lines and sell. This requires a positive attitude, confidence, and a great deal of practice…. Read more »

Your Employees Are Secretly Unhappy


Henry David Thoreau told us that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Could that also be said of your employees? TINYpulse is a tool for companies to get anonymous weekly feedback through employee surveys. After collecting over 200,000 responses from over 500 organizations, they started to see some disturbing trends. For example: 79%… Read more »

YellowPepper to Launch Yepex, “Smart Wallet” for Latin America

Yepex in Latin America

Miami-based startup YellowPepper announced today that they are rolling out a Smart Wallet in Latin America called Yepex. Yepex allows customers the ability to make online payments safer and fasters, by transforming smartphones into Smart Wallet.  It will also allow users to pre-order at various venues and have access to reward programs. Latin America turns out to be a… Read more »

Potbotics: Understanding how Cannabinoids Affect our Health


What happens at the intersection of marijuana and technology? Some of us might think that the two are diametrically opposed, but there are a number of entrepreneurs in America who can see the potential inherent in the emerging market vertical; we’re making a leap to a world where marijuana is directly linked to and helped… Read more »

Nubity Inc. Launches Hybrid Cloud Management Tool on the IBM Cloud

Nubity and IBM

IBM announced today that Mexico City-based startup Nubity Inc. will be partnering with IBM as part of the SoftLayer Catalyst program. The Catalyst program, which is currently being integrated into the IBM Cloud Global Entrepreneur Program, helps startups like Nubity Inc. by providing access to open, secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, executive mentorship and a robust ecosystem of partners… Read more »

Nanoplug Surpasses Their $80K Indiegogo Funding Goal


When they started their Indiegogo campaign back in November, Nanoplug reached over $25,000 of their $80,000 goal before the first week was even over. Today, with 21 days left on the campaign clock, Nanoplug officially announced that they have surpassed their funding goal on Indiegogo. “We have spent thousands of hours developing Nanoplug for those millions… Read more »

Nigerian Billionaire Commits $100 Million To Create 10,000 African Entrepreneurs


Nigerian billionaire investor and philanthropist Tony Elumelu announced today the launch of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP), where he is committing $100 million to create 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa over the next 10 years. According to Forbes, the program will identify and help grow 10,000 startups and young businesses from across Africa and it will… Read more »

DC’s Framebridge Announces $3.75M Seed Round from Steve Case’s Revolution, NEA


Framebridge, the DC art framing startup that offers affordable framing options for consumers, has announced a $3.75 million seed round led by Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. In August of this year, the company raised an initial $1.25 million from NEA, former LivingSocial CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy, and Steve Case himself. Today, Framebridge has disclosed… Read more »

Happy Birthday Rachel Sklar!


Today is the 42nd birthday of Rachel Sklar, cofounder of Change the Ratio and, role model for powerful women the world over, and all-around badass – happy birthday Rachel! Sklar was born in Toronto and studied law, then went on to a career in media. She spent time as a freelance writer and Huffington… Read more »