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Surprise! We’re Multitasking Too Much During Meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]


Multitasking is a myth – or, at least, the belief that one can successfully accomplish more than one task at any one time is certainly grounded on shaky foundations. As much as anyone wants to claim that they’re prolific multitaskers, research on the subject proves otherwise. According to video conferencing platform Fuze, a continuation in… Read more »

14 Reasons Why Your Employees Don’t Care


According to a Gallup study, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Surprised? How about this: 24% are actively disengaged – which means they spend their time undermining everyone else’s hard work. Here’s why your employees don’t care:   You Don’t Let Them Do Their Job Meetings have gotten out of control. The… Read more »

Disruption Corporation Begins Construction on Space Expansion


On Friday, the Crystal City, Arlington, VA-based Disruption Corporation officially began construction on an expansion project that will double the current size of its Crystal Tech Fund workspace. Founded by Paul Singh, the Disruption Corporation created the Crystal Tech Fund earlier this year as a venture arm to invest in post-seed, high-growth tech startups. As… Read more »

VeteranCrowd Seeks Investors for Vet Ventures


Timed with this year’s Veteran’s Day, VeteranCrowd, LLC a Richmond, Va-based equity crowdfunding portal, is opening the door to help veteran-managed companies find accredited investors. The portal is itself led by a founder and a board full of military veterans, including founder Robert P. Louthan, who served 14 years in the U.S. Army Reserves as a combat… Read more »

Modernizing Medicine Raises $15M of an Expected $20M in Funding


Boca-Raton based Modernizing Medicine, Inc., announced that it has closed on approximately $15M of an expected $20M funding round. The latest funding comes from existing investors, led by Summit Partners and Pentland Group, many of whom are medical specialists who use EMA. The company expects its employee base to continue to grow with approximately 100… Read more »

StayFaster Offers Online Hotel Booking From a Veteran-Backed Venture


In the Army National Guard, John K. Hart rappelled out of helicopters, which took almost as much nerve as starting his own online hotel booking service. This Veteran’s Day, we’d like highlight the profile of this entrepreneur and the company that he is leading to revolutionize the way consumers find hotel rooms online. Entering a very crowded market that… Read more »

DC’s Disruption Corp. Partners with Miami’s Venture Hive for Founder Education


This morning, the Crystal City, Arlington, VA-based Disruption Corporation announced a partnership with Miami-based startup accelerator and incubator Venture Hive. The unique partnership is targeted at providing early-stage startup founders and investors with more opportunities and increased resources on how to grow and run successful companies. “In Venture Hive we are partnering here with a true leader in… Read more »

4 Steps to Defuse Conflict on Your Startup Team

conflict resolution2

When you’re running a startup, there are lots of things on your plate. One of the elements of running your own startup is managing your employees. With a new team, conflicts caused by clashing personalities and confusing goals can easily arise and negatively affect your productivity. As the team manager, you can reduce conflict with… Read more »

We Break it Down: Startup Lab’s “Meetings That Don’t Suck” Presentation


Are you in the habit of accepting invitations to standing meetings? Is there a list of ongoing, hourlong, status report meetings that now take up most of your week? When will your week become productive, if you have accepted the invitations to all of these standing meetings? Google Ventures saw a common complaint coming from their portfolio companies: “meetings are unenjoyable and inefficient.” Ken… Read more »

Establishing Company Culture is Crucial


A lot of entrepreneurs use Zappos’ success as a roadmap when they’re working on building their own company, especially a company culture. However, at this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference, Shane Green and Jenn Lim explicitly stated that you shouldn’t try to actually be Zappos. It’s not because Zappos isn’t successful, but rather because situations… Read more »

The Biggest Security Concerns with Social Media You Need to Know About

social media dangers

Even the most effective and useful tools can present dangers for your company. Take social media, for example. Businesses can now connect with and reach out to their customers in a manner never before imagined a couple decades ago. This open line of communication can lead to nearly endless possibilities for product creation and improving… Read more »

Candy Crush Introduces New Fashion Line with Zara Terez


The Candy Crush Saga gaming experience is coming to life as part of a new fashion line from Zara Terez. The Collection “Candy Crush” will include women’s full-length printed leggings, skirts and dresses, according to a press release. The line launched on October 21st and is giving people the chance the wear characters and candies… Read more »