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Chicago’s 1871 to Launch FEMtech Startup Incubator to Support Female Entrepreneurs


On Tuesday, Chicago’s 1871 announced that it plans to launch 1871 FEMtech, an incubator specifically created to support women entrepreneurs and to grow the number of female-owned startups. The incubator is another program backed by Google for Entrepreneurs’ #40Forward campaign, an initiative that involves funding 40 organizations to help increase the presence of women entrepreurs in the tech industry. The project… Read more »

Garrett Camp Announces $50 Million Investment in Expa


Today Expa announced that it has successfully raised its first $50 million in funding from a list of big-name investors. Expa founder Garrett Camp, known for founding other notable companies like StumbleUpon and Uber, will put the funding directly toward the design and development of new startup companies. Built as a startup studio, Expa develops… Read more »

‘Startupland’ Documentary Sheds Light on the Human Stories Behind Startups


Last night, at the E Street Landmark Theatre in downtown Washington, DC, the Kickstarter-funded Startupland made its global premiere. Centered on the experiences of early-stage startups going through the accelerator process, the web series offers not just very informative guidance through the startup journey (such as raising capital), but also insight on the touching and relatable human… Read more »

10 Things PR Can Do For Your Startup


Public relations are not properly understood by people today. Even if this domain of activity has been around for a long time, it is a shame to say this, but a lot of companies invest money in something else simply because they do not properly comprehend the importance of public relations. Bill Gates said: “If I… Read more »

4 Risks to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud


Cloud computing technology is one of the most popular new technologies, and it has become widespread within a very short duration. Technologies are meant to simplify human efforts and deliver convenient usage of their products and services. There is no doubt about the fact that cloud computing has delivered a revolutionary solution to a wide range of… Read more »

1.4M Computing Jobs in America By 2020, But Fewer Computer Science Graduates


Industry trends indicate that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available. On the surface this sounds great, but there’s a problem. According to, colleges will only graduate 400,000 computer science student by 2020. That translates to 2.4 percent of students graduating with a degree in computer science. Technology is no longer seen… Read more »

My 8 Favorite Startups at the SXSW Tradeshow


Amidst all of the breathtaking SXSW chaos happening at bars, hotels, and in the streets, the Austin Convention Center provided their own form of chaos, albeit in an ordered fashion, at the 2014 SXSW Tradeshow. For a first-year attendee like myself, having the organized chaos with aisles and booth numbers helped a lot. And I… Read more »

Travel Macho and Puhsh Win SXSW’s Hottest Showcasing Startups

SXSW - winners

At Tech Cocktail’s SXSW Startup Celebration sponsored by .CO and CEA, Travel Macho and Puhsh took home the title for hottest showcasing startups. Our judges in the audience crowned Travel Macho, which offers users a platform for booking door-to-door travel to save them time, money, and heartache. With the most votes in the hottest showcasing startup poll, Puhsh won reader’s… Read more »

Getty Images Releases a Free Option and Creates a Strategic Option


Getty stole the headlines last week with its move to “make its pictures free to use,” as all the headlines proclaimed. Getty released 35 MM of their over 150 MM images free for people to embed into their sites for editorial and noncommercial uses. The embed (see what it looks like here) uses an iframe to deliver the image and provide a… Read more »

Mompreneurs are Building Their Businesses by Selling on Facebook


A report from Experian from 2013 has shown that mothers with young children, when compared to the general population, are more active on social media; they’re more likely to log into their various social media accounts on a daily basis, more vocal participants, and more likely to shop using mobile devices. Of all the social media… Read more »

3 Presentation Fails Entrepreneurs Can Avoid


Entrepreneurs find themselves giving presentations often. From pitching at startup events to introducing your product to potential investors, being able to deliver a solid presentation is a useful skill for any entrepreneur. However, presentations can go awry as a result of technological problems and, of course, as a result of the human element. The technological… Read more »

GoldieBlox’s Lindsey Shepard Tells the Story of a $4 Million Super Bowl Commercial


This year, toys-for-girls startup GoldieBlox won a rather expensive prize: a $4 million commercial during the Super Bowl. Thanks to Intuit, their 30-second ad reached millions of viewers and helped raise GoldieBlox’s profile. The GoldieBlox line of toys can now be found in stores nationwide, including Toys ‘R’ Us. GoldieBlox VP of sales Lindsey Shepard… Read more »