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Why Android Is Lagging Behind in Race of Apple-IBM Partnership


Sometime before, news about Apple and IBM partnerships were hot dish for the media. Many assumptions had drawn about the true reasons behind this tie and the pros and cons of this partnership phenomenon. If we are going to draw conclusions based on commonsense, we may find that the dominance of IBM is in enterprise… Read more »

Hunt For An IT Job Like A Tiger


Deep in the jungles of the thriving IT job market lies the newest sector offering high pay and job satisfaction with plenty of growth: health information technology. There, the competition is fierce and only the strongest, most agile candidates catch the health IT job they’ve been seeking. Let’s take a lesson from these tiger-like IT… Read more »

Women to Watch in Entrepreneurship and Tech


Look around: Women are changing the world, especially in the entrepreneurship and tech fields. From Megan Smith, the former Google executive turned U.S. Chief Technology Officer, to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, there’s no shortage of powerful, passionate and innovative women. But if you need a little more inspiration, here’s a list of women to watch… Read more »

From Kickstarter to Apple Stores with olloclip


In 2011, with everyone carrying a phone in their pockets, longtime product developer and photographer Patrick O’Neill took it upon himself to make mobile phone photography better. O’Neill decided to launch the product on Kickstarter, called olloclip, that features a simple iPhone 4 lens that houses a fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens all in one. In no time… Read more »

Healthcare Startup Cohealo Raises $9M Series A Funding


Boston-based Cohealo announced it raised $9 million Series A round led by Romulus Capital and Miami-based Krillion Ventures. The funding was composed of both equity and convertible note financing. Cohealo is a cloud-based sharing platform that enables hospitals to more efficiently manage medical devices. They currently manage the inventory at 70 hospitals in a number of health systems,… Read more »

Here’s a Preview of the Celebrate Schedule


It’s official everybody, we’re only days away from the kickoff of our annual Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference. We’ve spent the last few months lining up one hell of a schedule for this year’s conference, and we’re dying to kick things off with all of you. In an effort to give you, the people, a choice… Read more »

Tech Competitions Offer Money to Stir Community-Focused Innovation


Nothing like a challenge to get some great minds going. This week two foundations have launched national challenges aimed at creating innovative solutions to help local communities. The Knight Foundation announced the Knight Cities Challenge to offers applicants a chance to share in $5 million by focusing on the question, “What’s your best idea to make cities more… Read more »

Man Diagnosed with Ebola Actually Just Recovering from Tech Conference


Author’s Note: This is purely satirical, so, yeah.  This morning, it was reported that the man who was diagnosed late last week with Ebola was actually just recovering from a tech conference he attended in Boston “on a whim.” After 29-year-old Andrew Scheurer – accompanied by his roommates – checked in to the hospital last Thursday reporting… Read more »

Evernote Lovers: Now You Can Create Email Newsletters in Evernote


Today is day 2 of the Evernote Conference (EC4), bringing speakers like Tim Ferris, LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, and Founder Institute’s Adeo Ressi to San Francisco to talk about how they use Evernote. Evernote-based startups are also launching at the conference, including email marketing tool Mastodon. Mastodon lets you create and send an email newsletter… Read more »

Forget Typing: Log in Anywhere With Just a Fingerprint


Recently Splikity launched their platform on iOS 8, bringing a new service to users that safely and securely stores and syncs usernames and passwords. In short, it’s a password solution for iOS 8 and the iPhone6, but it also uses TouchID to enter passwords inside of mobile Safari. Designed and built out for the everyday… Read more »