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Thoughts on What Emerging Technologies are to Come


The Tech world evolves at a fast pace, probably being the fastest market in the world. If we think that, 50 years ago, the Internet was not much more than a dream and, nowadays, the businesses linked to it are making millionaires on a daily basis, we can see that it really progressed at an… Read more »

Startup Documents: Legal Tools That Help Entrepreneurs


Startup Documents has made it their mission as a company to help early-stage startups with all things legal and important. They recently announced the launch of their V2 platform, which brings in a new independent contractor agreement for entrepreneurs. To date they have focused on generating and storing legal documents for various early-stage companies, whether… Read more »

Logging Technology Revolutionizes an Ancient Practice


New logging processes integrate technology to get the job done, revolutionizing one of the oldest professions in the world. Logging is an ancient practice. Dating back to the boom of the Fertile Crescent — parts of the modern-day Middle East — organized or systemic logging has been used to supply architectural and infrastructure constructions. During… Read more »

10 Cyber Security Measures That Every Small Business Must Take


We’re all aware that cyber security refers to protecting and strengthening your computers and Internet-based systems from unintended or unauthorized access, modifications, robbery, and obliteration. A lot of modern small businesses use Web-based technology and tools to carry out their day-to-day functions. Whether it is conducting long-distance conferences, advertising, buying and selling, researching, identifying new… Read more »

Bitstrips Launches Bitmojis, Personalized Emojis


One day I went to sleep and everything was normal on Facebook. When I woke up the next morning, Bitstrips had taken over. If you’re not aware of what I’m talking about, Bitstrips is the company behind those little cartoon strips where people create cartoon images of themselves and their friends, and then add a… Read more »

Moodsnap is Image-Based Music Discovery


Moodsnap wants to help you choose what music you want to hear – based on tapping the image that feels right. This product was designed for the instinct-driven, right-brain oriented music consumer. How many millions of songs are available at your fingertips on today’s music apps? It’s overwhelming to choose the music that is going… Read more »

Scott Hess: 5 Ways to Identify a Relationship with Millennials


Last night, Tech Cocktail welcomed two great speakers to John Barleycorn for our Chicago Mixer Sponsored by Speaker Series. We heard from Joel Trammell of Khorus and Scott Hess of Spark. Hess is considered today’s expert on hiring and marketing to the Millennial generation, so we had plenty of questions for him. After reiterating that… Read more »

Ping Your Friends, Forget Messaging Them


Are you suffering from communication jitters? The Ping app was just launched worldwide, and it could very well be the tool you need to help kick the communication habit. Not to say communicating with people is a bad thing though. Rather, Ping is a free, wordless communications app that enables you to minimize and refine… Read more »

The Fictionary is Maximizing the Potential of Custom, Kindle Dictionaries


Dave Byard, founder of The Fictionary, has built an interesting platform that is targeting a market some might call completely cornered by Amazon: the e-reader market. He’s not building a new piece of hardware, but rather innovating on the pre-installed dictionaries on said e-readers. The Fictionary is comprised of these little fictionaries, a term Byard created… Read more »

9 Best Things We Learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s Town Hall Meeting


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held his first public town hall meeting at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California yesterday, where he spent some time answering questions from people across the world. From the questions regarding his thoughts on apple-tinis to more serious topics like the direction in which the company is heading, more than 10,000… Read more »