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Ketan Anjaria of CardFlick: Give Your Users Joy

Ketan Anjaria

If you’re a startup founder, I bet you can relate to Ketan Anjaria’s statement that “having a startup is like having a cranky, expensive child.” Though Anjaria, Founder and CEO of the digital business card app CardFlick, won major brownie points by declaring that you should not read TechCrunch during his interview at our SXSW… Read more »

The Power of Social Capital: Case Study of Paper’d Co-Creator Nicole Antoinette

Nicole Antoinette

Social capital: is it some high falutin, new-age terminology meant to give relevance to the irrelevant or the most undervalued hiring criteria in today’s economy? Nicole Antoinette co-creator, wordsmith and marketing director for the recently released iPhone wallpaper app, Paper’d, is making a strong case for the latter. In the seven days since the app’s release, Paper’d has already… Read more »

SXSW From 1998 To 2012: A Local Perspective


I went to my first SXSW when I was 17, using my sister’s badge to catch a glimpse of Janeane Garofolo at Emos in Austin. You can watch that SXSW described by then-musician Fred Armisen here. The conference has come a very long way since then. Originally a ploy by Austin bars to stay full during… Read more »

Tom Pace of Gust: Is Crowdfunding Too Hyped? and Other Insights

Tom Pace

Sites like AngelList help startups and investors meet, but where do they go from there? Gust is a platform that goes beyond connection to help them manage the relationship: investors can browse opportunities, share deals with other VCs, and communicate with their portfolio, while startups can find investors and raise new rounds of funding. Internet… Read more »

An Interview with Damien Patton, Founder of Banjo

Damien Patton

Who is going to win social discovery? Last week, we interviewed Paul Davison, founder Highlight – this year’s most buzzed about social discovery app at SXSW.  We also had the opportunity to sit down with Damien Patton, founder of Banjo, likely the consensus as second place contestant in this race. After talking with each of… Read more »