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How Constantly Checking your Phone Can Ruin Your Posture


Believe it or not, but your constant texting and checking your Instagram is ruining your posture. A new study published by the Surgical Technology International found that people spend an average of two to four hours a day with their heads tilted over reading and texting on their smart phones and devices. Looking down at your texts is… Read more »

Hush Blows Their $100K Kickstarter Goal Out of the Water


There’s still 33 days to go on Hush’s Kickstarter campaign, but they’ve already hit their $100,000 funding goal; in fact, they’ve hit $137,416. What makes their Kickstarter so enticing to people is the fact that Hush has figured out how to tune out your loud neighbors, snoring roommates, and noisy streets. Hush introduced us to… Read more »

Actually Fashionable Wearable Tech: Cuff Wins Decoded Fashion NYC Startup Competition


Today and yesterday, Decoded Fashion held its New York Summit in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, inviting leading startups and individuals from the worlds of fashion and technology to share their thoughts on such things as how fashion houses and retail chains are utilizing nascent technologies, as well as highlighting the work from rising startups that bringing the… Read more »

Why Hackers are Actually the Good Guys


For the purpose of simplifying complex issues and characters in our society, the media has successfully vilified hackers today. Just look at the news in the past year and notice how hackers have been portrayed as the perpetrators of everything that is wrong with online security. But is this really a fair depiction of hackers?… Read more »

A Closer Look at the US Government’s Cloud First Project

cloud racks

Back in 2010, President Barack Obama announced that he would spearhead a federal government ‘Cloud First’ initiative that would aim to streamline IT services delivery. Little by little, federal agencies have begun implementing cloud into their workflows which has saved the federal government up to $20 billion dollars according to some estimates. Since the federal… Read more »

Griptipz Raises 85% of Kickstarter Goal in 24 Hours With Protection for Hand-Held Devices


If you have dropped one of your devices before, or have been known to be a little bit clumsy, this product is for you. Colorado-based startup Griptipz offers users of tablets, e-readers and large format phones a new, natural way to secure devices in their hands. Griptipz are soft, self-adhesive, ergonomic designed bumpers applied by the user… Read more »

RxMatch Gives Patients Recovery and Sustainable Wellness On-The-Go


Today, San Francisco-­based startup RxMatch launches a post-op care platform for web and mobile devices. The platform includes best practices and treatment compliance orchestrated by a trained health coach; keeping doctors, nurses, patients, and care-givers informed between visits with clinical information that is insightful and actionable. RxMatch leverages technology to extend these pivotal relationships beyond the… Read more »

Social Bicycles Offers Leaner, Data-Happy Bikeshare Option

social bicycles

City bikeshare programs are ballooning across the country with a fairly simple concept – docked bikes that can be rented via credit card at the docking site or through an annual membership plan. Can this model be improved? Social Bicycles (SoBi) certainly thinks so. Patrick Hoffman, product manager for New York-based SoBi, said the idea… Read more »

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Events and Special Offers


It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week! This is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch the startups that bring ideas to life. It is amazing to know that across 140 countries, 25,000 different organizations will be holding more than 30,000 events all around the globe. We are proud to claim .CO as… Read more »

Why Should An Entrepreneur Start A Consulting Company?


Being an entrepreneur is both liberating and enslaving. On the one hand, you are free from bosses, their schedules, and their sometimes arbitrary job requirements. On the other hand, your new boss – you – may be even worse than the old one! As you consider the world of entrepreneurship, let me nudge you toward… Read more »