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Improve Workplace Collaboration with Weekdone


As a startup founder, have you struggled with finding effective ways to collaborate and share ideas with your employees? Employee reporting is a common issue managers face. Especially when most employee reporting is done via email or Excel, it can become difficult to stay on top of each employee’s progress. Weekdone, a simple weekly employee… Read more »

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman on Founder Depression: “You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.”


In a blog post written last weekend, Y Combinator president Sam Altman brought to light the necessity for startup founders to talk about the issues they’re facing and the emotions they’re feeling rather repressing these notions of depression. Reporting on and writing about the startup scene has been a truly rewarding experience for me. Oftentimes,… Read more »

The Best Up-and-Coming Cities for Young Entrepreneurs


Silicon Valley and New York City seem to be the obvious places for startups to move if they’ve reached their peak  — or just looking to grow their businesses. However, as the cost of living rises in both of these places, young entrepreneurs can and should look elsewhere. I talked to Carl Schramm who is… Read more »

Mezy Wants to Change Our Culture’s Schizophrenic Social Networking Habits


Yesterday Mezy, billed as a unique social networking app aimed at changing our culture’s schizophrenic social networking status quo, officially launched out of their beta into version 2.0 of their platform. They combine popular video and photo message sharing functions into one comprehensive platform to help eliminate the overwhelming nature of managing multiple social networks…. Read more »

Review Trackers Hauls in $2 Million From Midwest Investors


Yesterday Review Trackers Inc, the Chicago based startup in Wicker Park, announced the successful close of a $2 million funding round from a host of premier Midwest investors. It was led by Milwaukee’s CSA Parnters and included other investors American Family Ventures, Jeff Rusinow, and SymphonyAlpha Ventures. “In today’s market, it is absolutely crucial for… Read more »

President Obama at White House Maker Faire: Today’s DIY is Tomorow’s “Made in America”


Earlier today, President Barack Obama welcomed guests at the very first White House Maker Faire, where people from across the country got the chance to exhibit some of the most innovative ideas coming from the maker community that could potentially have a larger impact on our society. And, as earlier expected, the President’s opening remarks focused… Read more »

Amazon Unveils Smartphone “Fire Phone”


The wait is over. Inc. unveiled its new smartphone Fire Phone today at an event in Seattle. According to the Associated Press (AP), the new phone will enable users to snap a photo of a book title or listen to a song playing, and it’ll show you where to buy it on Amazon. Users will… Read more »

Forget Greeting Cards, Expressalo is Sending Greeting Toys

expressalo (1)

There might only be 3 days left on the Kickstarter clock for Expressalo, but they’re not worried. Currently with 535 backers, the startup is at $39,606: well beyond their initial $20,000 goal. But what exactly does Expressalo do? Interestingly enough, they’re in the greeting card business. Now, their cards aren’t like anything you’ve seen before,… Read more »

Facebook Launches Slingshot to Compete With Snapchat


Snapchat has been dictating the moves of many other social networking sites recently, and Facebook is among them. Yesterday MacRumors reported that Facebook released a new app, Slingshot, which lets users send media to friends who are unable to view said media unless they share something back. The Slingshot app was designed specifically to compete… Read more »

President Obama to Make Remarks About STEM, American Manufacturing


Today is the first official White House Maker Faire, and we’re reporting on-scene to let you know the great things being made by and at maker communities – from Local Motors to TechShop – throughout the country. This morning, President Obama is expected to make remarks about our #NationOfMakers, likely citing policies and initiatives that… Read more »

Whiteboard Unveils Their New Management Platform

whiteboard yesterday unveiled a brand spanking new web and mobile based app aimed at boosting productivity by bridging the gap between tasks at home and work. The platform encourages users to focus on completing tasks that matter most in their day: Whiteboard facilitates the smooth management of client projects, delegation of tasks, or even shared grocery lists…. Read more »

YouTube Announces Plan to Launch Paid Music Service Amid Criticism


Google Inc’s YouTube announced today that it plans to launch a paid streaming music service, confirming long-running rumors that the  popular online video website will offer a paid music service. “We’re adding subscription-based features for music on YouTube with this in mind – to bring our music partners new revenue streams in addition to the hundreds of millions of… Read more »