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The Top 8 Video Hosting Platforms for Startups

video platforms

This following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of “advertising” available to startups.  Through story… Read more »

12 Solutions for Small Businesses: Why Startups Choose CDW

cdw image

This post is sponsored by CDW.  We thank them for their support.  To learn more about Tech Cocktail’s sponsored content programs, please contact us. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to hit a plateau.  In many cases, taking this next leap will call for upgrading your technology and business intelligence- but finding the right company to… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider


A 2012 study showed that 53 percent of companies can’t offer a clear reason why they choose one hosting provider over another. In addition, 27 percent chose their current provider after a word-of-mouth recommendation. Much of this can be attributed to a widespread lack of understanding about what to look for in a potential hosting… Read more »

Key DLD Takeaways To Help You and Your Business in 2014


DLD (Digital:Life:Design) celebrated their 10th conference anniversary this year. This annual invite-only conference, with 150 speakers and 1,000 people in attendance, brings together influential opinion-makers, industry leaders, startups and digital giants to Munich, Germany for three days of learning, networking and setting the stage for the coming year. DLD streamed all of the talks – a great way… Read more »

Science Inc’s Mike Macadaan: User Experience is Important From the Very Beginning [VIDEO]

TCConversationss_MikeMacadaan (1)

How integrated is the user experience into your product or service? According to Mike Macadaan, startups need to dedicate their time to user experience and establish a brand direction from the very beginning; otherwise, they run into a higher risk of criticism from their fans/users when changes are made later on. Macadaan is the CCO of Science Inc.,… Read more »

Are Dropbox and Box the Sleeping Giants in Photo Tech?


The death of Everpix led to many postmortems about why the company failed and what that means for other startups in the consumer photo management space. But what wasn’t widely talked about is what the big companies in the space that have built up major stores of photos — Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Box, for example — are doing in the… Read more »

Happy Birthday Nolan Bushnell!


Today is the birthday of Nolan Bushnell, known as the cofounder of Atari and founder of Chuck E. Cheese, a pioneer of the video game industry, and one of Steve Jobs’s early bosses. < Tweet happy birthday to Nolan Bushnell! > Born in 1943, Bushnell is a serial entrepreneur if there ever was one. Atari, maker of… Read more »

Jason Fried’s 37signals Will Focus Entirely on Basecamp and Change Its Name to Basecamp

37signals basecamp

As the clock struck midnight on February 5, Basecamp’s 10th birthday, Jason Fried’s company 37signals announced that they’ll be devoting all their attention to Basecamp going forward – and renaming the company “Basecamp.” “We’ve become a bit scattered, a bit diluted. Nobody does their best work when they’re spread too thin. We certainly don’t. We… Read more »

Top 10 Super Bowl Hashtags #DonDraper

superbowl (1)

From the La-Z-Boy I sat in to watch this year’s Super Bowl game, I was far less interested in the ball and way more concerned about the commercials. Each 30-second commercial we see costs big brands millions to produce, with the hopes of leaving a lasting impression on us, the consumers. From the last few frames of… Read more »

3 Tech Startups Prove Miami is Not All Play


As a Miami resident, there is nothing more upsetting than watching footage of Miami as portrayed on TV. Reel after reel of pretentious cars, fake tans, and string bikinis can really tarnish the image of this growing city. It truly devalues the Miami that locals grow to love. Last week, this misconception surfaced once again… Read more »

This Robot is Trying to Humanize Your Telecommuting Experience


It’s quite ironic, really, to claim that a robot could help “humanize” anything. This presupposes, of course, the notion that robots – made of metal and lacking consciousness – represent a kind of anti-human. Nevertheless, KUBI by Revolve Robotics aims to humanize your telecommuting experience by giving you the opportunity to feel as if you’re actually in… Read more »