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Announcing New Speakers for Tech Cocktail Celebrate!

celebrate speakers

Happy Friday! We’re busy at Tech Cocktail planning, planning, planning for our big event this October, Tech Cocktail Celebrate – have you grabbed your tickets yet? We are announcing new speakers to inspire and educate! Tickets went on sale last week for Celebrate, coming up this October 6-7 (31 days and counting!). Celebrate will gather hundreds of attendees,… Read more »

FREE AT&T Hackathon Offers $80K In Cash Prizes!


Las Vegas is a great place for conferences, but recently developers have known for sure that it’s a great place for hackathons. This weekend, the AT&T Developer Program is proud to announce the AT&T Hackathon, Code for Car & Home at Super Mobility Week! Get yourself to Las Vegas right now! Where: The upscale Cosmopolitan… Read more »

Build Cross Platform Apps Easily with PhoneGap


PhoneGap is a free and open source mobile development framework that allows for the creation of cross platform mobile apps easily by using standardized web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These hybrid mobile apps are then rolled out on the platforms of choice like iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. It helps the developers to avoid the… Read more »

Play-it Health Tackles Medication Reminders


Despite the seemingly numerous, healthy marathon runners on your Facebook news feed, there are actually a lot of not-so-healthy/sick people out there. According to Kimberly Gandy, there are more than 150 million people in the United States alone that require the use of chronic medication to treat their ills. Setting aside the many flaws that already… Read more »

Need a Checkup? NuTec Provides Disease Diagnosis With Your Smartphone


Get ready to have your mind blown. Miami-based bio technology startup Entopsis is launching today their Kickstarted campaign to raise money for the development of NuTec, a molecular profiler for your smartphone. NuTec is a molecularly modified glass slide with unlimited applications. The microscope slide contains molecule binding pockets that create patterns for detections (so think of how keys have… Read more »

6 Stories of the Craziest Conference Experiences


Whether it’s for work or for fun, going to conferences can oftentimes be hit-or-miss experiences. Hopefully, many of you have had the luxury of attending conferences of your own volition, therefore really only going when you are interested in the topic or the overall theme of whatever conference you attend. Even in those cases, however,… Read more »

9 Ways to Market on a Budget 


The cheapest marketing on the planet is word of mouth, but word of mouth doesn’t spring forth out of nowhere. To get the word-of-mouth engine running, you need to make sure a few people actually know about your product besides your mom and your cousin. We asked entrepreneurs to share their cheap marketing tips, from… Read more »

Celebrities don’t have to be hacked (and neither do you)


You’ve likely already heard the news: more than 100 young female celebrities had racy personal photos stolen from private cloud storage accounts, and the criminals who  committed the crimes are actively attempting to sell the stolen property for personal profit. Were it not for the provocative nature of the booty these cyber pirates pilfered, the news… Read more »

DreamIt Philly Launches Next Accelerator Class


It’s going to be a welcoming event unlike any other. Tonight, DreamIt Ventures Philadelphia is having its kickoff event to launch and announce this year’s accelerator class of twelve companies that were chosen from around the country and Israel. Sponsored by DreamIt Ventures and Comcast Ventures, the accelerator is called DreamIt Philly. “We are introducing them… Read more »

GLAMSQUAD and Uber Team Up to Offer $40 On-Demand Hair and Beauty Services for New York Fashion Week


Nowadays it seems that Uber is literally everywhere and doing everything. This past weekend, the company partnered with Casper to deliver mattresses during one of the busiest moving seasons of the year. Now, Uber has partnered with New York’s GLAMSQUAD to bring on-demand combined hair and make-up services right to your home, office, or gym for… Read more »

Crowdsourcing and Community-Building: Vote on the SXSW PanelPicker!


Although the SXSW Interactive Conference is still several months off, the crafting and creation of content for the event is underway right now. The conference utilizes crowdsourcing both to cull ideas for panels and to vote up great ideas. This community-building process is called the PanelPicker. After submitting a panel for review, a presenter’s next… Read more »