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Clean Up Your Online Presence With RepNup


Social media plays a huge role in today’s job search. Not only can social media connect you with employers, but also it can lead you to new employment opportunities. Although social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have helped job seekers land jobs, they’ve also cost many professionals a chance at advancing their careers. Take… Read more »

ColdCan: The Beverage Insulator Powered by NASA Technology


Justin McCullough and TJ Henderson have taken their idea through design and CAD Engineering, refined their designs, blown through three prototype versions, and they are finally ready to bring the ColdCan to you. To that end they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the final steps of the process: manufacturing, assembling, and… Read more »

SweetLabs Drops Their New App Install Platform For Developers and OEMs


The San Diego-based SweetLabs today dropped a major announcement on us with the launch of their new App Install Platform. Their new offering will enable device manufacturers (OEMs) to simultaneously improve revenues and the user experience via cloud-base services and client-side software. The idea came from their first product, Pokki, which solved app access and… Read more »

Tech Cocktail’s Weekly Job Spotlight: Let the Job Hunt Begin!


Each year, May and June unleash a crop of newly-minted graduates upon the job market. If you are one of the bright-eyed and bachelor’s-degreed individuals looking to take your place in the working world, our Tech Cocktail Job Board might have the perfect position for you! This week’s top jobs are: Account Executive Digital Grassroots… Read more »

Who is the Challenge Cup’s Hottest Elite 8 Startup?


After going through four competitions in the categories of education, energy, health, and smart cities, 64 startups from 16 cities around the world have made it through the semifinal round in 1776′s Challenge Cup competition. Throughout the week, Tech Cocktail has covered the results from each of the semifinal competitions, and we’re happy to report that all… Read more »

HandUp and MellowCabs Win Challenge Cup Smart Cities Semifinals, Honorable Mention for Reaction


On the fourth and last night of semifinal rounds, 16 startups competed in the Challenge Cup’s Smart Cities Semifinals. All week long, 64 startups in the categories of health, smart cities, education, and energy have competed for eight spots in Saturday’s Global Finals competition. From RideScout’s smartphone app that aggregates ground transportation options to Silverside Detectors’s low-cost neutron… Read more »

This Woman Taught Herself Web Design While Traveling the World


Geraldine Le Roux Matthews’s flight from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport was frighteningly beautiful. The day before she and her husband took off, a plane on the same route had crashed and killed 19 passengers. And Lukla Airport is infamous for being the world’s most dangerous airport, with an angled runway and mountains on all sides…. Read more »

Should You Split Equity 50/50?


This post includes extra content from Startup Mixology, my upcoming book on starting up – including how to prepare yourself for the harsh reality and celebrate positive moments along the way. Go here to pre-order the book (due July 8) and subscribe to updates! In early 2013, ousted Snapchat cofounder Reggie Brown filed a lawsuit for one-third of the… Read more »

Have You Read Kara Swisher’s Ethics Statement?


Anyone who knows Kara Swisher also knows that she has an ethics statement so long it could give Atlas Shrugged a run for its money. But her belief is that in the age of new media, we can’t be too careful; truly it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Specifically, Swisher always works to be very… Read more »