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LAFORGE Strikes Partnership to Compete With Google Glass


The Google Glass competitor LAFORGE Optical last week announced the close of a $1.1 million partnership with SOMO Optical to fund lens development, manufacturing development, and LAFORGE’s proprietary camera system development. It’s the first partnership in a series of funding announcements we’ve seen from LAFORGE Optical as part of its series seed investment round. “The… Read more »

Shutterfly Inc. Acquires Shark Tank-Backed GrooveBook


GrooveBook, a mobile photo book app subscription service that sends customers a keepsake book of their mobile phone photos each month, announced that it was acquired by the manufacturer and digital retailer Shutterfly for $14.5 Million. The acquisition includes an upfront purchase amount and a future performance-based earn-out. Fans of ABC’s Shark Tank will recognize GrooveBook, since the… Read more »

How TechShop DC-Arlington Enabled a High School Senior to Start a Business


On Tuesday, November 18, Tech Cocktail is holding TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company where attendees can learn about the Maker Movement, explore TechShop DC-Arlington‘s various tools and resources, and speak with industry experts and current TechShop members. Tomorrow night, November 18, TechShop DC-Arlington is having a… Read more »

Your Sales Strategy: Three Ways to Get on Your Client’s Side

clients side

One of the biggest mistakes made in sales meetings is rushing into the pitch. With no regard to the client, the salesman starts spewing off about their company and product. They then ask the customer for their business and hope they did a good job. This is a Russian roulette strategy when it comes to… Read more »

Less Pizza and Beer: Why We Need Accelerators for Women


Are traditional accelerators too male-centric? On November 5, Philadelphia accelerator DreamIt Ventures announced the launch of its DreamIt Athena program for women. DreamIt Athena is actually an accelerator within an accelerator: women founders will go through the program alongside the regular cohort, but get extra resources and programming targeted at their particular challenges. DreamIt is… Read more »

10 Steps to Keep Projects on Track


Given the recurring fact that incomplete projects are the norm rather than the exception, project management success might simply be defined as finishing a project. However, despite the enormous difficulties in projects actually going according to plan, organizations still expect quick, inexpensive, high-quality work. Consequently, the only way to avoid project failures – poor quality… Read more »

Basecamp Shortcuts: Optimizing Project Management


Quite wisely, Cafe Quill notes that even though we do have a lot of project management tools to choose from, “a common and frustrating problem using any tool is that the vast amount of available pages and functions offers more choice, takes up more time and ultimately, counters productivity.” Ugh, tell it, friends! So they… Read more »

OrderWithMe Announces $28M in Additional Financing


OrderWithMe, a retail innovation and inventory solutions company, today has announced $28 million in additional financing, led by existing investors which include Vegas Tech Fund, SOSVentures, BaseVC and Tony Hsieh with additional participation from Silicon Valley Bank, Pentland Group, Advantage Capital and several others. Jonathan Jenkins, CEO of OrderWithMe, moved the company to Downtown Las… Read more »

John Ramey Announces iSocket Acquired by Rubicon Project


John Ramey and iSocket have come a long way since The Combine conference back in 2010, when he offered the following entrepreneurship advice:   “At the end of the day, you need to be stubborn and stupid. A logical and sane person would have quit my business, and most other startups I know, forty times… Read more »

Zappos Pop-Up Store Constructed For The Holidays: Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Pays Visit Downtown Las Vegas

Zappos Holiday Pop-Up Store

Just in time for the holidays, it appears that Zappos, the online retailer known for culture and customer service, is constructing a Zappos pop-up store in downtown Las Vegas in the space previously occupied by the Western Hotel. According to online reports, the space was purchased by the Downtown Project in the spring of 2013. Over… Read more »

The London Tech Boom: The New Silicon Valley


Picture the most influential city in the world. What do you see? Lots of job opportunity? A media hub? A financial powerhouse? Which city is it? Most Americans would argue passionately for New York City, and for good reason. New York is home to major stock exchanges, large corporations and great diversity.  However, according to… Read more »

The Messy Realities of E-Waste


How many computers, cell phones and other electronic devices have you used and replaced in the last 10 years? As is frequently the case, the number you’re now pondering is probably quite staggering. All those older, broken, or simply obsolete devices we get rid of whenever we upgrade our electronics? That’s e-waste. That first iPod… Read more »

Three Ways to Help Close a Sales Meeting


As a startup cofounder, I am constantly traveling around the country to meet with Universities and bring Alumnify to their institutions. Like any salesman, I’ve heard more “no” more times than “yes”. However, I pay very close attention to exactly what I’ve done to get that “yes”. Here are a few tips that have helped… Read more »