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EdTech Startup MassiveU Raises $700K in Funding


Naples, FL-based startup, MassiveU, announced that it has received US $330,000 investment from The Tamiami Angel Fund II (T2). MassiveU, which started as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), is accelerating its growth as a project-based, social learning Platform As-A-Service (PLAAS) company. The company works with content providers, publishers and school district leaders to deliver learning… Read more »

Elon Musk Thinks Lipstick is Great, but Would Rather Colonize Mars


MIT’s Aeronautics and Astronautics Department turned 100 this year, and last week they held a Centennial Symposium to celebrate advancements in the last century and discuss the future of aerospace. Elon Musk, notable futurist, architect of the beloved Tesla automobile, and founder of SpaceX, was a featured speaker at the event. He chatted with department head… Read more »

VegasTechFund Launches AngelList Syndicate with Buffer Funding

VegasTechFund Syndicate Buffer Funding

The VegasTechFund, the $50 million startup fund that’s part of the Downtown Project, has launched an AngelList Syndicate today to raise $400k for San Francisco-based Buffer. The fund was previously focused on funding early-stage startups, and up to this point has invested around $30 million dollars into over 90 early-stage startups. As Tony Hsieh explained on stage… Read more »

Bambinos! Wants to Change Family Dynamics at the Dinner Table


Studies have shown that children who eat regular family meals tend to have lower rates of obesity and eat more nutritiously. By eating in an family friendly environment, “their meals tended to have a warmer, more communicative atmosphere.” But any parent (and restaurant server) can tell you that eating at the table with young children… Read more »

How Entrepreneurship Screws Up Your Life

Quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up

I’ve always thought being a CIA agent or some other top-secret government operative would be a lonely thing. After all, when anyone asks what you do, you have to be evasive or make up some much more boring job. You can’t unload about work or work stress lest you compromise national security. It turns out entrepreneurs are… Read more »

JIBO Looks Like It’s Directly From a Sci-Fi Movie


Disclaimer: I attended University with the individual quoted in this article. Sci-fi movies have put some interesting notions about robots and the way they work with humans in our minds, to say the least. The Terminator, I-Robot, and even The Matrix all depict pseudo-apocalyptic worlds where robots and humans started out great, but somewhere along the… Read more »

Selfies Stored in Twitpic Receive Second Life from Twitter


Utilizing cloud storage and other consumer options for accessing and archiving your files is obviously a cheap, convenient, and simple way to access anything from travel documents and receipts to fun photos that you want always at-the-ready. But what happens when that site shuts down? Twitpic users were not amused when it appeared that their… Read more »

Are You Paying Too Much Online Because of Variable Pricing?


You may have already started clearing your browsing history – or changing browsers altogether – when hunting down online airfares in order to make sure you’re always seeing the best price. But how many other hack gymnastics are you performing in order to make sure you are seeing all variable pricing options when shopping online? According to… Read more »

500 Startups Pulls UXcam from England to Silicon Valley


Put simply, data companies are hot these days. Having the ability to know exactly what your users are doing, where they’re doing it, and to what end, is a near-priceless commodity in the tech ecosystem. When Kishan Gupta co-founded UXcam, he didn’t know he was going to be ultimately getting into 500 Startups, but rather… Read more »

Get Creative by Spreading the SEO Love Among Networks


SEO is becoming tougher by the day. This means you have to be more creative if you want to achieve great results. Here are some tips to help you. Give attention to some of the lesser-known networks Just about everyone is focused on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for their promotions. It is easy to… Read more »

How Mobile Technology Has Revolutionized Small Business


Don’t look now, but mobile technology is leveling the playing field for American firms. Technologies and capabilities that were once reserved for the upper echelon of the Fortune 500 can now fit comfortably in the palm of almost anyone’s hand. Mobile technology, whether you believe it or not, has — and will undoubtedly continue to… Read more »