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How to Optimize Your Customer Acquisition Funnel


A lot of first-time startups live under the assumption that once they’ve made their fabulous new product or service known to the general public, they are going to be stampeded by hordes of ravenous clients who have waited for this opportunity their entire life. The reality of customer acquisition, however, is a bit more, well, realistic…. Read more »

Small Businesses, Have You Met The Cloud?


For the longest time, small businesses felt like little Davids as they tried to compete with the corporate Goliaths of the world. With smaller staffs, budgets and tools, it was hard for the small guys to stand up to the giants. However, tech advances like cloud computing in recent decades have helped level the playing… Read more »

NASA and 9 Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow on Soundcloud


This week, NASA joined audio-sharing platform SoundCloud, attracting more than 25,000 followers with sounds from historic spaceflights and current missions. Classics like “Houston, We’ve Had a Problem,” and “Solar System & Beyond Sounds” are a must. For those who love to explore the myriad of sounds brought to you by Soundcloud, there are a few accounts… Read more »

500 Startups Helped Rover Position Themselves for the Future


In mid-February John Coombs unveiled his startup, Rover, to the world. Still relatively young, they’ve just graduated as part of 500 Startups’ recent class, and their business concept and model is catching some serious attention. In short, Rover is an iBeacon platform that helps retailers deliver a better customer experience by transforming their mobile apps… Read more »

How Poshly Leverages Cosmetics Giveaways Into Valuable Consumer Data for Brands


For consumers, the notion of a “freebie” seems an innate part of our human identity, nowhere removed from our desire for self-fulfillment and tendency for self-improvement; we love free things. We also love competition and the uncertainty that lies at its foundation – the thoughts of winning and of losing equally driving our adrenaline. Taking all… Read more »

Tech Tools That Keep a Freelance Blogger Safer Online


Those bloggers who get around a little, both in the physical and digital world, need to take greater care of themselves. There are a number of harmful sites, and people, out there and your mobility may be limiting your security. If you’re like any of the other online bloggers I know, you also spend a… Read more »

How to Mold an Inbound Marketing Company Culture


Despite our efforts of trying to keep up with continually advancing technology, it always seems like we’re playing catch up in order to make sure our marketing doesn’t fall flat as a pancake. Before the Internet, it was simpler to grab the attention of a television viewer with commercials and advertisements. While this kind of… Read more »

With Immediate Sales Alerts on Specific Items, Online Bargain Shopping with Shoptagr Can’t Get Any Easier


In college, I didn’t know anyone who didn’t at least once go online shopping in the middle of a lecture – that’s pure hyperbole, but whatever. I think it’s become one of those past-times that we all find ourselves doing every now and then: after coming home from a night out of drinking, when you’re until past… Read more »

Albus Dumbledore’s 10 Magical Quotes for Startup Founders


I don’t care if your child is reading it, or if you are secretly a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The series contains lessons on leadership and life that you can take directly to your startup. The wise old Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizandry, somehow has all the right… Read more »

This Guy Got an Offer for a Programming Job at Google, You’ll Never Guess How He Learned to Program


We’ve heard it over and over and over again: despite the high demand for talent from startups, there’s a shortage of qualified software developers and engineers. And, knowing all too well this demand for tech talent, people are increasingly positioning themselves into the field. Programming jobs can be pretty easy to come by, but that’s only if… Read more »