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Squarespace for Ecommerce Review

squarespace for ecommerce logo medium

Squarespace is a website builder but can also be used as an ecommerce platform to help you manage an online store and other online sales channels. We think it’s very strong on its site design and surprisingly good when it comes to sales and managing sales channels

Best Apple Watch Black Friday Deals

Apple Watch Series 4 Large

Find all the best Apple Watch Series 4 discounts with Tech.Co this Black Friday. We round-up all the best Apple Watch deals, so you don’t have to spend an age comparing different retailers.

How Hacks Can Target Banks and Nations

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Hackers looking to get their hands on the big bucks will often go after banks and even nation states. We run through some of the biggest hacking incidents in history, including a cyber war in Estonia and the JPMorgan Chase hack from 2014

What Drives Hobbyist Hackers?

What Drives Hobbyist Hackers?

Not all hackers are bad. Some people just love breaking into networks so much they do it for fun, as a pastime. So what’s driving these hackers to spend all their time hacking systems and networks if they’re not even getting paid at the end of it?

Volusion Review

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Volusion is a strong ecommerce platform with excellent sales channel integration, providing lots of detail on the products you sell and where you sell them. However, it’s not as easy to use as some of its rivals, with confusing menus and a limited storefront editor.

What Is Ransomware And How Can You Avoid It?

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Ransomware is a big deal in the world of scams. In fact, it even predates the internet itself. We decided to take a look back over the long and storied history of online extortion and show you how to avoid being scammed in the future.

A Brief History of State-Sponsored Hacking

With cyberwarfare always in the news, Tech.Co takes a look back over the history of cyberwarfare, including the first incident, the big Yahoo hack from 2013 and a joint US-Israeli project you’ve probably never heard of.

Apple Loses Trillion Dollar Status

Tim Cook Apple Valuation

Apple has lost its trillion dollar status after announcing some disappointing financial forecasts for the next quarter. We’ve taken a look at what that means for the company, why it’s happened, and what it can do to put it right.

OnePlus: The Next Big Brand in Phones

OnePlus 6T launch

With OnePlus’ imminent arrival in the US, we explain why it’s set to be the next big phone brand on the market, and why you should care about its cut-price, flagship-killing phones, like the newly-released OnePlus 6T.

Are The New iPad Pros MacBook-Killers?

Apple’s new iPad Pros are so powerful, we wonder whether they could replace your MacBook. And whether Apple is planning to replace the MacBooks with iPads in totality in the long term.

Apple Reinvents the Mac Mini

After going four years with an update, Apple finally gives the Mac Mini a much needed face lift and specs boost. It’s also seen a considerable price rise, and now sits at a few hundred dollars more than the previous model. So, is now the time to buy a Mac Mini?