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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

On paper, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 looks like a real powerhouse of a smartphone, with a huge screen, powerful processor and even a stylus. But might it be overkill? Read our full Samsung Note 9 review to find out.


Xiaomi Unveils a New Folding Phone

Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi is the latest company to unveil a folding phone prototype. So is it set to be a game changer or a folding flop? We take a look at the details to find out whether we should be looking forward to the new phone.


The Latest OnePlus 7 Leaks and Rumors

The internet is already awash with rumors about OnePlus' upcoming replacement for the 6T. Will it be all-screen, have a pop-up camera, or offer 5G compatibility? We've taken a look at all the leaks to work out whether they're on the money or wide of the mark.

Website Builders

Best eCommerce Website Builders 2019

We review the best ecommerce website builders on the market, including Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion. Based on our independent testing we rate them for sales features, website customization, ease of use and more, to find which one is the best across the board.


ICYMI: Last Week on The Web 17th January

Everything happens so much and so often these days, it can be hard to keep up. That's why we're bringing you all the stories you won't want to miss from the last week on the internet. This week we take a look at: Nike's new trainers, the Sims version of Alexa, and an egg.


iPad Mini 5 Leaks: Another Underwhelming Apple Refresh

New leaks might have revealed the design and some of the internals of the iPad Mini 5. Released by a Chinese Twitter user seemingly with access to Apple prototypes and pre-production models, the new iPad Mini 5 images reveal another case of evolutionary design changes for Apple.


Apple AirPower is Finally Going into Production

Apple's wireless charging mat, the AirPower, is finally going into production after almost two years of delays. According to sources familiar with the Apple supply chain, the AirPower is being made by two Chinese companies, both of whom are already Apple contractors.

Website Builders

Squarespace Review 2019

Squarespace is a great website builder with some genuinely impressive templates to get you started with building a fantastic-looking website. A few flaws prevent it from being the best website builder around, but it’s still a strong choice for creating your own website in 2019.


Children’s Hospital DDoS Attacker Gets 10 Years in Prison

A Massachusetts man, associated with hacktivist group Anonymous, has been sentenced to ten years behind bars for starting a DDoS attack against Boston Children's Hospital, as well as a $443,000 fine. The attack crippled the hospital, rendering it ineffective for several days.


Best Sonos Speakers 2019

We help you find the best Sonos speaker for your home in your budget — Whether you're after a voice-controlled speaker, a multiroom set-up or an audio tour de force, there's a Sonos speaker for everyone.