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5 Dispatch Software Providers Transforming the Service Industry

August 24, 2017

3:50 pm

Being able to scale your business, take on more clients and improve your customer experience in one go sounds like an unbelievable proposition, but this is exactly what dispatch software can help you do.

These integrated systems give you a streamlined view of the customers requesting your services, the workers available to take the job, and give you a clear overview of how your business is running.

Typical features include:

  • Customer request pipeline
  • Matching workers with potential customers
  • Real time updates on jobs in progress
  • Quotes in minutes
  • On the spot payment and signature technology
  • Clearer revenue tracking
  • Performance dashboard showing your business productivity
  • Better customer experience

The aim of these systems is to reduce the admin involved with booking jobs and assigning field workers, allowing your business to book more jobs and leaving your teams to get on with the work they were hired to do. The result should be more income for your field team, quicker service for your customers and increased productivity for your business.

But which companies actually deliver what they claim and which company is best for your business? Here we profile 5 of the best multi-industry dispatch software solutions to make the decision that bit easier:

Fleetmatics Work

Fleetmatics is one of the industry’s most seasoned experts in mobile workforce solutions, so on paper they should know the challenges your business faces. Their focus is all about increasing output and having a clearer way of mapping the work of your teams – as well as tracking payments more effectively.

Workers in the field get comprehensive information about the job at hand, including maps to the location and an inventory of the kit available to complete the job. Images of the job can also be sent so the worker knows what to expect and once the work is complete, signatures can be captured on the worker’s mobile device – allowing your team to move onto helping the next customer.

Pros: The system syncs with Google so for businesses currently operating on this system it should integrate well.

Cons: Big focus on the amount of information sent to the worker taking the job which means the customer needs to submit a lot of information before getting assigned a worker which could potentially put them off.


Vonigo boast a broad range of businesses using their software, from packing companies to cleaning services to dog grooming. Their focus is on the customer experience, replacing manual spreadsheets with easy booking for users. It also touches on tracking workers, but the main selling point centers around building a really good experience for your customer base.

Like Fleetmatics Work, Vonigo allows customers to log a request for a job before sending the job out to workers in the field. Vonigo allows businesses to segment work and offer different pricing based on location, and gives easy tracking for live jobs in real time.

Pros: Vonigo offers online support and training as well as free demos.

Cons: Does not integrate with Google.

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Service Max

Service Max has similar functionality to Vonigo and Fleetmatics Work, and focuses on the benefit to the field worker, allowing them to take on more jobs and get a better overview of their schedule. The system allows you to manage contracts, integrate with your call center and provides on-the-spot billing and signature capture.

For the business owner, Service Max allows you to create a custom dashboard to monitor the KPIs that are critical for your business. Managers can oversee output and connect with field workers in real time.

Pros: Integrated Google Maps for technicians to find jobs close to them and GPS tracking so managers can get an overview of their teams in the field.

Cons: Functionality can be a bit complicated and requires lots of navigating to find the information you need.

Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager is perhaps the least visually appealing solution in the list but focuses on base functionality, rather than impressive graphics or flashy marketing collateral. Instead of claiming to do away with spreadsheets as Vonigo, Fleetmatics Work and Service Max do, Scheduling Manager brings spreadsheets into the system, integrating it with the field worker’s calendar schedule and updating once jobs are complete through GPS tracking.

Directions are available in the app but not through Google Maps, instead using lesser known Map Point, operating with a GPS tracking system. Like Fleetmatics Work, additional information can be added to jobs; like photos to help workers assess the upcoming appointment. Invoices can be generated automatically and customer signatures captured.

Pros: Good choice for those in industry where field workers might be overfaced with new technology mobile apps.

Cons: Very old fashioned technology and appearance. Credit card processing, inventory and reminders only available as additional add-on modules.

Compare prices from the leading field service software providers to find the best deal

ClickSoftware Service Edge

ClickSoftware again has a very customer-centric approach. This cloud based system integrates customer requests with a live booking system and allows dispatchers to reorganise appointments in real time to meet customer needs.

The system gives the customers automatic reminders texted to their phone and the field worker is able to contact them directly to update on arrival time.

For the field service professionals there are interactive maps and live updates on customer information or requests direct to mobile in the field.

Pros: Good communication between your business and the customer for transparent service.

Cons: Initial integration can be complicated and requires IT investment and resource.

Most field service software systems offer varying quotes based on business size and package requirements. Ultimately the right dispatch software package for your business is the one that suits your needs, so the first step is working out what features are essential and what your budget is, and matching this with the quotes you receive.

The right field service software should make your business run smoother, improve your customer satisfaction and allow your business to take on more jobs. Manual processes can get you started, but field software can help you to scale.

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