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Geotab Fleet Management Review

August 29, 2018

7:39 am

Geotab logo
  • Established: 1996

  • HQ: Oakville, ON, CA
  • ELD Compliant
  • Open API
  • Sells through a reseller network
  • Easy to customize

  • Detects in-vehicle reverse collisions

Highly customizable, but with quality dependant on third-party resellers.

Geotab is a global telematics company that provides both software and hardware to fleets in need of management. By tracking and logging vehicle data, Geotab’s products allows fleet managers both to respond in real time to daily issues, and to analyze data over the span of months in order to boost efficiency over the long term.

The company is a supplier: Their global reseller network handles customer sales and support, not Geotab.

  • Serves any size fleet: Covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are slightly under the FMS industry average
  • Service coverage is international

Geotab doesn’t directly sell its telematics solutions to clients, but partners with a reseller network to make sales. This makes it unique among FMS vendors, most of which will offer quotes or reach out to customers themselves ('s quotes form lets you easily gather personalized fleet tracking quotes from these vendors). However, Geotab still invests plenty into the final product. They’re responsible for the R&D and innovation, developing software, engineering hardware, and tracking engine analytics.

Geotab sells the MyGeotab software and hardware as two separate products. While they can be used together as a complete fleet management system, the software’s open API allows it to be paired with hardware options from other companies and the hardware unit can similarly run other software.

This greater compatibility underscores Geotab’s goal as a telematics company: to create solutions that meet fleets where they are, rather than locking them into inflexible products.

In this guide:

MyGeotab Fleet Management Software Features


An example of the MyGeotab interfaceThe MyGeotab SaaS program runs through a browser window, so it can be used interchangeably on Android or Apple devices, and on desktop or mobile.

It’s available in four plans: Base, HOS, Pro, and ProPlus. Each tier offers slightly more options than the last. The most notable differences between the tiers are that the HOS tier is designed to meet US and Canada regulatory mandates, and the ProPlus tier is the only one to offer active tracking, the most quickly updated GPS tracking ability.


It makes sense that Geotab emphasizes the customizable aspects of their application. Since the software is designed to be sold by resellers, each of whom may add their own unique programs. As a result, MyGeotab is built with an open API and software development kit. Its reporting function is editable, allowing for a variety of parts and inventory management options, and its dashboards are customizable.

MyGeotab is likely the most customizable FMS on the market, even beating the more modern offerings from software-only company Fleetio.

BYOD — Bring Your Own Device

The MyGeotab fleet management dashboardMyGeotab is a device-agnostic software. This means those who already have their own vehicle tracking devices can simply connect MyGeotab, and run the software on pre-existing hardware.

In other words, any fleet operators who have purchased their own in-vehicle devices from a different vendor can now end their contract and easily swap in MyGeotab as their SaaS of choice. We weren’t kidding about this being the most customizable option out there.

ELD Compliance

Geotab can be ELD compliant, depending on which service options are chosen. Fleet managers will need Cloud ELD, which runs within the MyGeotab software, and Geotab Drive, a driver app that can run on a tablet and syncs with a Geotab Go hardware device. Got all that?

The Geotab Drive app includes automatic duty status changes, sends alerts if there’s a violation, and collects data for IFTA fuel management and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs).

Geotab GPS Tracking Hardware

Geotab Go Device

Geotab Go

The Go device is plug-and-play, meaning it can be installed within seconds through a vehicle’s standard OBDII port. Data recorded includes ignition, engine idle times, route distance and time, and vehicle speed. One feature is even unique to the FMS industry: the Go device can detect in-vehicle reverse collisions.

What’s more, the Go device is capable of recording data that additional add-on software modules can read, from satellite tracking to temperature tracking. Additional add-ons can also incorporate other hardware, such as in-cab cameras.

Geotab Go Ruggedgo rugged geotab gps tracker

This telematics device is the same as the Go, but is “ruggedized,” meaning it can handle harsher conditions. It can even withstand installation on the exterior of a commercial vehicle. It’s specifications meet the IP67 standard, an international standard of protection against the forces of nature.

Video: More About Geotab Drive

This quick video explains more about the main functions of Geotab’s driver app, which can help drivers compile DVIR logs, monitor vehicle condition, and more.

Set Up and Customer Support

Unlike most FMS providers, Geotab doesn’t publicly list a phone number clients can call for support. Instead, it offers contact information for each client’s Authorized Geotab Reseller, who can offer technical support and training. Customers signed into their MyGeotab account can find their reseller by navigating to “Getting Started & Help” and clicking the “Support” button.

That said, the Go hardware devices are easy to install, and the main Geotab website offers plenty of product and installation documents.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: Depends on reseller
  • Email: Depends on reseller

Training options

  • Product Guides
  • Forum
  • Documentation
  • FAQ

Plans and Pricing

Pricing and plans for Geotab products can vary as third-party resellers are responsible for setting the retail price. Some resellers may include their own software add-ons that allow fleet managers extra features, and may charge an additional fee.

Go devices come with a standard one-year warranty, which becomes a lifetime warranty with the ProPlus plan.

The best way to learn how much a Geotab service plan will cost your fleet is likely to contact Geotab directly. Once you have a quote, you can compare it to the industry standard for your personal needs by filling out’s quick fleet management quotes comparison form.

The Verdict

Geotab’s hardware and software options are dependable, but their customer service is provided by third-party resellers and might be irregular. Still, Geotab’s range is hard to beat. Their services work for light or heavy vehicles in small or large fleets, and are highly customizable.

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