7 Apps for Enhancing Project Management Communication [Infographic]

Jyoti Agrawal

Project management is a critical component of a successful business, regardless of size or industry. Startups and established companies looking to scale up often depend on a well-executed project management strategy for growth, and good communication is a critical determinant of a well-oiled project management strategy. Traditional means of communication such as email and text are often inefficient when implementing project management strategies in a tech-centered business world.

Project management software programs can improve communication by allowing for better collaboration, smoother operations, and improved productivity within the enterprise. The end result: timely and effective implementation of your projects. Check out these project management apps for helping you implement your projects within a highly competitive business environment.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the highest rated apps on the project management scene, thanks to its laid-back interface and hassle-free navigation. This cloud-based solution is designed to work with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Apart from basic project planning, Zoho Projects can be used to assign tasks, manage communication between team members, and generate reports on active and completed projects.

Zoho Projects is also one of the most affordable project management apps, allowing you to add unlimited users at a flat fee.

Jira Software

Jira Software is a nifty project management and communication application designed for software development companies. It enables you to initiate software development projects, keep track of them, and distribute various tasks among members of the development team.

Created by enterprise software company Atlassian, Jira enables you to track bugs on multiple apps in development and other issues on a simple dashboard. The aim is to enable companies to release multiple apps on time with as few bugs as possible.


Trello is a creative project management application that takes all your project management tasks and visually organizes them, just like your own project whiteboard. By viewing your project tasks in the form of a visual workflow process, members of your team can work on specific deliverables and objectives in a collaborative environment.

And it’s not just for big, complex projects; startups and small businesses can use Trello for smaller projects such as web design and managing communication between management and other members of staff.


Slack is the ultimate tool for communication in project management. It allows members of a team to send messages, calls, and even video calls to each other within a channel. Channels can include teams, specific projects, or a topic relevant to the completion of specific tasks.

Slack also allows team members to share spreadsheets, images, Office files, and other file types right within the app and even integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box for file sharing. You can download it for your Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices or subscribe to the SaaS version.


Aiveo is a simple, cloud-based project management solution for small and medium project teams. Unlike most other apps, you can get started within a couple of minutes by simply feeding in your list of clients, team members, tasks, and other inputs. So, no need for training videos or tutorials to get started.

It especially works well for software development projects where you can assign coding tasks to specific developers and work together with them remotely.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a great fit for projects that require constant financial and workflow monitoring to guarantee project success. It allows project managers to communicate with team members, set and manage project budgets, track milestones, generate reports, and calculate project risks and scenarios using inbuilt tools.

MS Project is simple enough for any new users to play with and costs considerably less than other premium project management apps.


If you are a fan of Gantt Charts, you will love Ganttic. This is a cloud-based solution that enables you to schedule resources, projects, and tasks and communicate with your team in real-time. It allows you to manage tasks using simple drag and drop actions that also sync with Google Calendar to help you keep track of different stages of the project.

Team members can log in, view and edit notes on the app, which is great for communication and collaboration.


Choosing the right application for your projects will usually depend on a couple of things, chiefly, your budget and scope of the project. At the end of the day, a good app should help you communicate effectively with other stakeholders. This project management infographic shows you just how important communication is for successful planning and implementation of a project.

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