POS Systems

Shopify POS Review 2019

Shopify is great across the board, from a 24/7 support team to a fair price to an intuitive interface with a quick learning curve. It's also a great fit for businesses with an online store as well as a physical one. Find the best POS system for your business with Tech.co

Web Hosting

BlueHost Review

BlueHost performs well in all the areas that a web hosting service should. It offers a large variety of feature-rich plans and tiers, includes good storage caps in them all, and offers 24/7 email and phone support. Read on to learn why BlueHost is one of our top hosting services.


OnePlus 7T Pro Unveiled – Everything You Need to Know

OnePlus has officially unveiled the 7T Pro. However, iteration was the name of the game here, with some choice but hardly groundbreaking updates over the 7 Pro which launched in May. It's also a fair bit more expensive than traditional OnePlus phones, with prices from $865.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review

Samsung's Galaxy Note series have long been the best phones on the market. However, for 2019, Samsung has dropped the headphone jack and introduced a new Note Plus model. It's larger, faster, and more expensive than the regular Note 10. So is it any better or is it just overkill?

Dash Cams

Best Dash Cam App 2019

We've combed through the top dash cam apps for iPhone and Android to determine which are the best. Here's everything you need to know about the pros, cons, features, and pricing to expect when monitoring your vehicle through an app on your phone.

Fleet Management

Best ELD Devices

This guide details Tech.co’s top picks for the best ELD devices in the market today, before covering the benefits of a full fleet management system and answering any frequently asked ELD questions managers might have.


UK Opens First NHS Gaming Addiction Clinic

The UK took a huge step today in addressing a growing concern in the video game community, opening a clinic focused on treating patients with an addiction to gaming. Addiction is the dark side of a multi-faceted, multi-billion dollar industry.


Why the Time is Right for an HTC Comeback

HTC's new CEO, Yves Maitre, has an ambitious plan to bring the company back in from the cold. It involves a big gamble - an investment in photography tech to start producing top-of-the-line phones again. But, with Huawei competition no longer a factor, the plan might just work.


Amazon Announces New Kids Kindle and Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Kindle Kids edition is Amazon's first attempt at a child-friendly Kindle, and comes with exclusive features designed to make reading easier for your child, as well as ways to encourage them to do more of it. The company has also updated the Fire 10 HD Kids tablet.

Dash Cams

Best Dual Dash Cam 2019

A dual dash cam can record video footage of the road ahead of a vehicle while also filming the interior of the cab, including the driver, for better safety and more coverage. Here are the top dual dash cams, and all the features and prices to help you pick which is best for you.

Dash Cams

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2019

Need a front and rear dash cam? We've rounded up all the top options when it comes to video quality, robust features, and fair pricing. Take a look and see if any of these dash cams are a fit for you.