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Bitcoin to Get its First Licensed US Exchange


Despite the reported price crash of Bitcoin, this crypto-currency remains strong, and there are several reasons to pay attention to it. Recently, on his Reddit’s AMA, Bill Gates stated that he supports Bitcoin, and now, Bitcoin has its own exchange. Coinbase, the Bitcoin wallet and exchange service headquartered in San Francisco, California, has announced the inauguration… Read more »

5 Must-Have Tools for Ecommerce Success in 2015


Consumer demands from brands and businesses change with every technological disruption, whether it is noticeable or not. Each year brings in a new set of opportunities and challenges. An ecommerce site, therefore, needs to be always prepared to change, upgrade, or even revamp (if required) in order to experience continued success and meet consumer expectations…. Read more »

6 Writing Mistakes That Won’t Get You Published Online

6 Writing Mistakes That Won't Get You Published

Let’s all get real here: not everyone can write great prose like Charles Dickens or George Orwell. We’ll probably never get into any of those guys’ leagues, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on writing just yet. If anything, you should keep on writing. However, there are writing mistakes that you need… Read more »

3 Ways Social Network Use Can Be Positive at Work

social network

It is common for people to think that social network use in the office is wrong because it will distract employees from their duties. While this can be true in some cases, there are some situations where they can actually be (very) positive for the work’s journey and even bring improved results. Some social networks are… Read more »

Digital Video Needs to Adapt to Current Consumer Behavior

Digital Video Needs to Adapt to Current Consumer Behavior

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re sitting around with some friends and someone asks the group if they saw [insert television event]. Chances are someone hasn’t, so they search for the clip online and watch it. There’s a Constant Increase in Digital Video Consumption This scenario, or ones like it, has played out billions… Read more »

Bottles Waiting Taps Billion Dollar US Nightclub Industry

Bottles Waiting

I always knew the nightclub service industry was big, but I didn’t know it’s a multi-billion dollar economy within the US, per year. Las Vegas itself is one of the biggest centerpieces of the industry and they haul in $1.5 billion each year alone; some clubs hit around $75 million individually. There are people out… Read more »

How Mark Zuckerberg Started Facebook [Infographic]

Mark Zuckerberg

2014 was a great year for Facebook. For the seventh straight quarter, the social network company topped Wall Street profit and revenue forecasts as it won even more mobile advertising revenue, according to USA Today. More than two-thirds of Facebook advertising revenue now comes from mobile adds. Furthermore, Facebook continues to bring in an impressive number… Read more »

In Internet Commenters We Trust (Over Scientists)

In Internet Commenters We Trust (Over Scientists)

Despite the many years through which our species has evolved into our current, overall smarter selves, it seems that we may not actually be as smart as we think; indeed, some of use may even be convinced that the popular notion from the scientific community on the issue of human evolution is itself a complete farce – a… Read more »

App Claims to Predict If Your Plane Will Crash


Fear of flying? There’s an app for you. Even though there is a 0.00001% chance of your plane crashing, I understand the growing fear due to the absurd crashes last year, with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370, and the crash of AirAsia QZ8501. That’s where the Am I Going Down? app comes in. The app was launched… Read more »

Marketplace Lending Platform Bolstr Raises $1.7M

Marketplace Lending Platform Bolstr Raises $1.7M

The Chicago, IL-based Bolstr- the marketplace lending platform for emerging consumer, retail, and manufacturing businesses – has raised $1.65 million in seed funding. This amount was upsized from the originally anticipated $1.5 million target. Those that contributed to the this round include Montage Ventures, Kapor Capital, DRW Trading Group, Merrick Ventures, and Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich… Read more »

Today is the Deadline for Microsoft Ventures Digital Work Accelerator

Microsoft Ventures

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle. The team from the Digital Work Accelerator has been traveling across the country to conduct pitch events and information sessions to help startups apply to the accelerator. Got a question? Add your question here: Click to Tweet:@MSFTVentures @techcocktail #digitalwork #QnA The deadline has come!… Read more »

Knight Foundation Funds 8 Tech Innovations for Libraries

Knight Foundation Funds 8 Tech Innovations for Libraries

This morning, the Knight Foundation announced the winners of the Knight News Challenge on Libraries, which challenged people from around the U.S. to reinvent and innovate the ways through which people experience our country’s libraries. Focused on adapting libraries to the digital age, Knight awarded funds to eight projects that utilize in technology to advance… Read more »

Kickstart Seed Fund Successfully Closes Their $39M Fund III

Kickstart Start SLC

Kickstart Seed Fund today announced the close of their Fund III, $39 million, at StartSLC Festival, the largest tech festival ever held in Utah. As they move forward, Kickstart Seed Fund will continue to invest in seed startups based in Utah and the Mountain West region. Along with the news comes the announcement that two… Read more »

DreamIt Ventures Kicks Off Its Program for Women


This week, startup accelerator DreamIt Ventures kicked off its Winter 2015 class in Philadelphia and the first run of its accelerator for women, DreamIt Athena. Announced in November, DreamIt Athena is a special program for women-led startups. Companies selected join the regular DreamIt cohort and get access to the same resources – including $25,000 in… Read more »