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The Top TED Talks of 2014

Top TED talks of 2014 year in ideas

TED has come out with a 2014 “Year in Ideas” video, highlighting the top TED talks and topics of 2014. Some of the tech- and business-related talks include: Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED talk Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure, and the drive to… Read more »

Why Corporate Wellness is Important


The well-being of employees should be a major concern for all companies as, without it, they are not as efficient and productive as they could be. With this in mind, many companies are starting and developing wellness programs, improving the state of mind (and body) of their employees but also their engagement and retention. A… Read more »

How to Beat the Competition at Content Marketing


Content marketing is like a chess game. You have to plan several moves in advance. You sometimes have to make sacrifices to move forward. You have to make decisions based on changes in the market. Your competitors are also playing this game. No matter how big they are, you can always compete with them on… Read more »

How to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2015


Did you spend 2014 thinking that social media was a poor excuse for a marketing channel? That Twitter is too superficial to help your business grow and profit, or that Instagram is too fluffy of a platform for a serious brand to use well? Let me level with you: it’s not social media, it’s you…. Read more »

You Know You’re an Entrepreneur When You Do This on Christmas


There’s a reason for the hashtag #startuplife – being an entrepreneur is part of who you are, not something you do when you’re coding or pitching. It infiltrates the mind, and that ain’t gonna change just because it’s the biggest holiday of the year. Yesterday, we learned what hours entrepreneurs are working on Christmas; today,… Read more »

18 Best Winter Weather Survival Apps


Do we really need winter weather survival apps? I mean, if winter continues to go on the way it’s been going (e.g. temperatures in the mid-40s in New York City), is there really a demand? Well, depending on where you are in the U.S., your experience with winter thus far may vary. In some parts of… Read more »

2015 for the Mobile Developer – Things to know

2015 retro new year

The explosion of the mobile device market sees an urgent need to support both mobile applications and social applications together. The growth in the volume of the data and the speed of data has made it necessary for organizations to develop internal mobile applications. As per the predictions made in the Gartner report, the mobile… Read more »

Business Strategy and Trends for 2015


The basics of business development will always remain the same. However, with the corporate landscape changing faster than ever before, it is important for today’s entrepreneurs to revise their business strategy frequently. As a smart marketer, you should be able to predict the upcoming changes and revamp your business accordingly.   How to Determine Your… Read more »

Developing a Startup with a Limited Budget


Launching a startup is a dream for many entrepreneurs, but it is a bit of a lofty dream at that. Great businesses have a clearer path to investors and other resources, but others, despite great potential, will go through harder times to get that financing. Entrepreneurs falling in the second category must learn and adapt, so that they can get… Read more »

Three Maneuvers that will Destroy your Facebook Marketing

piede  di manager che pesta pedone

With its active user base of 1.35 billion people worldwide and more than 30 million small businesses with active pages, Facebook is pretty much THE social media marketing platform for small businesses. And with the recent relaunch of the advertising platform Atlas, Facebook is making great strides in advertising too. Think of it this way—for search… Read more »

Board Games Go Mobile


Board gaming as an industry has honed a unique style of gameplay, typically focusing on slower pacing, strategic planning, and the social aspects that naturally come with sitting around a table alongside your fellow players. This stands in stark contrast to the experience of most computer and mobile games, which tend to be more solitary… Read more »

Fridges and Forklifts are next in the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is often pointed as one of the biggest hits in the near future, and it really is something big tech companies are betting on. So, it should come as no surprise that somewhere in the next few years, all of our appliances like microwaves, washing machines, and other household items… Read more »