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Try Products Before you Buy With Gorilly


Try before you buy: it’s a mantra that serves us well, but there aren’t a lot of places you can put it into effect. Sure, you can test drive a car, but how often can you test drive a custom, handcrafted piece of furniture? Gorilly, the self-described Airbnb for retail, has long been committed to… Read more »

16 Free Online Tools to Help You Find Trending Content

16 Free Online Tools to Help You Find Trending Content

Whether you’re trying to find the latest trending content as part of your job, or simply trying to stay relevant, the Internet can sometimes be an almost too-expansive world; with so many different websites and social networks out there, it can get a little confusing as to what to use when trying to pin down the… Read more »

Swaha: Don’t Just Tell Your Story, Show it


When a person posts a photo to their social media channels they’re not looking to show off one isolated slice of time to their friends. Rather, they’re hoping to tell a story about the significance a photo represents within the context of their lives. Think for a second: if you’ve ever seen a picture on… Read more »

From Fugitive to Mentor, John McAfee to Lead Startup Accelerator in Alabama


John McAfee, the man behind McAfee anti-virus, is known in the tech scene as an eccentric genius. The Internet Security Pioneer created McAfee Associates, a maker of antivirus software eventually acquired by Intel in 2010 for $7.68 billion. McAfee has announced his partnership with Alabama’s Locomotive and Round House, where he will lead a 90-day immersive startup accelerator program this… Read more »

4 Websites That Will Make Your Kids Smarter

smart kids apps

Being a modern parent means embracing the power of online education and teaching your kid to use the Internet in a productive manner. Try to show your kid that the world web is not only about watching funny cat videos and sending emojis on Facebook with the next four amazing educational websites. 1. Skillshare Skillshare is a… Read more »

FCC Vote on Net Neutrality: “This Decision is Pro Competition”

Net Neutrality Vote

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to ‘yes’ for tougher net neutrality regulations for online traffic. The proposal was put forward by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and it prohibits broadband service providers from charging websites for faster internet. It also means that the FCC has more regulatory power over Internet providers, thanks to the reclassification… Read more »

The 25 Top VC Firms

top vc firms

As startup experts will tell you, choosing among VC firms should be as much about you liking them as them liking you. So how do you decide? Many factors might cross your mind, including: Is there a culture fit? Do our personalities and values clash? Can they provide expertise and connections, beyond the mere dollars?… Read more »

Roomlia is Your Quick and Efficient Hotel Booking App


Finding a place to sleep at night while traveling should have no middlemen. With an overwhelming number of choices, and more entering the scene each day, finding the best rate for a night’s rest should be light on your conscience as well as your wallet. Thankfully, we have applications like Roomlia to allow just a… Read more »

Smartmarker, the Gadget to Revolutionize Your Old Whiteboard

smartmaker whiteboard

Whiteboards are handy tools for schools and offices, and they’ve been around for some time now. They are very useful to write on using dry-erase markers, making for a much easier and cleaner process than what we had before, with the old chalkboard. But whiteboards are also useful, for example, to project things onto. Unlike their… Read more »

Eligible to Fly to Cuba? Will Get you There

Trips to Cuba

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and thanks to President Obama I’ll finally be able to fulfill one of my life dreams: traveling to Cuba. In that same vein, today announced that they will become the first online travel agency that helps US travelers get to Cuba – it looks like my dream… Read more »

Coolbox, Toolbox 2.0, Smashes Indiegogo Campaign Goal


There are many “old” objects that almost everyone uses but, despite that, have not been getting the attention they deserve – at least in terms of their evolution and keeping the pace up with the future. Right now, one of the hottest tech trends is to take these objects and bring them to the 21st… Read more »

Michael DeCesare Joins ForeScout Technologies as New CEO

Michael DeCesare

Michael DeCesare recently left his position as the President of Intel Security, previously McAfee, to pursue a different executive role at a different company. ForeScout Technologies, a leading provider of continuous monitoring and mitigation solutions, named the veteran industry executive as their new CEO. The addition of DeCesare to the ForeScout executive team will serve… Read more »

Picture It On Canvas: Photo Retouching Right in Your Hands


Picture It On Canvas is a San Diego based photo printing service that transforms users’ cherished photos into handcrafted works of art, and today they released their first ever mobile app. Pitcture It Retouched offers professional photo retouching services to users on both Android and iOS. “We have been focused on creating quality, hand-crafted products,”… Read more »