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Expanding Tech Startups: Is the US Draining Europe’s Talent?


I was at a meeting recently with a European government official when I was asked, is the US draining Europe’s tech talent and economy when startups head there for growth opportunities? There is no doubt that the most resourceful European startups are leaving town when they hit the investment wall. But there are many other… Read more »

Do These Charts Accurately Rank Thanksgiving Sides?


What do you get when you mix Thanksgiving with a bunch of startup people? Charts. That’s what. Okay, well, at least that’s what I thought of when I saw some recent charts published by Vox (because, you know…startups like data…or something). In an article titled “A definitive ranking of Thanksgiving sides”, Vox created a bunch of… Read more »

Win Money While Watching Football This Thanksgiving


Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, and I don’t guarantee that you’ll actually win any money – but I hope you do! This year at Thanksgiving I’ll be incredibly thankful for football. Hell, every Sunday morning I’m thankful for football (aka RedZone), but this year I started digging into the world of daily fantasy football… Read more »

Top 11 Thanksgiving Food Services and Apps


Brace yourself: The Thanksgiving dinner is a center point of the holiday for a lot of people, and this year I want to help you and yours find a happy balance at the intersection of food and technology. There are countless apps and services designed to lift the burden of work off your shoulders this… Read more »

Survata Gives us a Look at Their Black Friday Shopping Data


I recently wrote an article about, an online survey business, and the launch of their new app usability testing surveys which allows clients to reach a targeted population of web users. This week, with Black Friday looming on the horizon, Survata decided to post a survey about Black Friday Shopping. Here are the questions they… Read more »

Political Activism and Storytelling in the Tech Era


Tech Cocktail is a Media Partner during Sime MIA 2014 In order to understand what political activism is today, let’s compare it to political activism in its pre-digital form — pounding the pavement to distribute printed handouts, door-to-door networking, and participating in telephone trees. Today, political activists can drive their message quickly online. From Facebook protests, digital… Read more »

Taking a Road Trip this Holiday? Roadtrippers’ New App Will Help You Plan


Road Trippin’ with your favorite allies just got easier. Online trip planner startup, Roadtrippers, recently launched their new iPhone app, making place discovery and trip planning easier and more intuitive than ever on the go. Let’s go get lost anywhere in the USA. The new app, which centralizes travel resources, simplifies trip planning for the 41.3M Americans… Read more »

Win a Trip to CES with Tech Cocktail’s CES Sweepstakes!


Today, Tech Cocktail in partnership with the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show announced a special online sweepstakes that will allow one winner to win two free passes to the 2015 International CES! This prize includes round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations from January 6-9th, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. To enter, you must visit the CES Sweepstakes Page during… Read more »

13 Things Startup Founders Aren’t Thankful For


Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude; for startup founders, that means saying thank you to the team who believes in you, the customers who support you, and the family members who put up with it all. But let’s face it: there’s a lot about startup life to not be thankful for. Although there’s no use… Read more »

8 Smart Kitchen Solutions for a Connected Thanksgiving


Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is never easy, to put it simply. Even if you’re eating by yourself it can be draining and difficult to nail all the different dishes and their complexities; getting the turkey perfectly cooked and not dry is maddening sometimes. Thankfully humans have been riding the hype train that is the Smart Home…. Read more »

Building, Launching, and Scaling a Global Hardware Startup


Last week at TechShop in the Crystal City neighborhood just across the bridge from Washington, D.C., Tech Cocktail was welcomed by the maker community as we interviewed four prominent figures in the hardware startup industry. Here is what we learned from Jeff Hale, COO and cofounder of Rebel Desk; Jake Colvin, Director of Global Innovation Forum;… Read more »

Startup Founders Share What They Are Thankful For This Holiday


Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on another year and be thankful. Startup life is not easy, and whenever there are opportunities to celebrate, you should take it. We asked startup founders to share what they are grateful for this year, and here a few of their responses. “This Thanksgiving, I’m very thankful… Read more »

Proximity Based Marketing by a Global Team


bfonics, Inc. enables businesses of all sizes to leverage ibeacon technology for proximity-based marketing. With 90% of retail sales still occurring in physical locations and 65% of consumers using mobile devices when they shop, retailers and brands are actively looking for ways to engage consumers when it matters most. bfonics leverages ibeacon technology to uniquely… Read more »