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Microsoft Ventures: Change the Way we Work

Microsoft Ventures

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle. Tonight, in Chicago, join the team from their Digital Work Accelerator to get more information about the program. Startups everywhere are looking to solve problems facing various segments of a global audience. And lately, it seems, more and more are looking… Read more »

‘Exploding Kittens’ Game Raises $3.4M in Three Days

Exploding Kittens Card Game Raises $3.4M on Kickstarter in 3 Days

While it’s true that cats can be adorable, it’s also an undeniable fact that cats, on the whole, are narcissistic assholes that could not give an eff how about how your relationship is going or your anxiety about whether you’re going to get that promotion; really, all that matters to them is that you give them… Read more »

Software Engineer, Systems Specialist, Other Job Openings

Tech.Co Jobs Post

Hiring? Post a job on the Tech.Co Job Board for just $79 and see it featured here on our weekly job spotlight!   It’s January, meaning it’s the still the beginning to a brand new year of opportunity. If you’re looking to change careers or looking for a new job, check out some of the companies below hiring… Read more »

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Driving Experience

ford virtual reality

This is a paid placement by Ford. Typically we associate virtual and augmented reality technology with fun and games, thanks to Oculus Rift or Google Glass. But Ford Motor Company takes immersive virtual reality very seriously. Ford is the first automaker to use a new ultra high-definition, virtual reality lab that enables designers and engineers globally to… Read more »

Terra Tech: This is How to Master Your Branding Efforts


In my quest to dig up some of the hottest minds in the developing cannabis-tech space I recently came across Terra Tech, a company that focuses on controlled agricultural production design, development, and construction. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how the CEO, Derek Peterson, could adapt that business model to fit the… Read more »

1776 Gets Support from Former Obama Campaign Strategists

Precision Strategies Partners with 1776

Yesterday, Precision Strategies – the communications and digital consulting firm founded by former Obama deputy campaign managers Stephanie Cutter and Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, and digital director Teddy Goff – announced a partnership with the Washington, D.C.-based startup incubator 1776. The partnership will provide 1776 members companies access to top advice on how to approach their… Read more »

Recruit Passive Talent with Match-Click


You might wish it was easier to hire passive candidates. Maybe that means it’s time to improve the marketing strategy for your recruitment process. Match-Click, a recruiting and job search platform, revolutionizes the hiring process for employers. Instead of relying on boring job postings to attract candidates, employers can create interactive and easy-to-read job postings… Read more »

FilterEasy Raises $1.2M Seed Funding


Raleigh-based Startup FilterEasy announced today that it has raised $1.2 million of seed round investment, lead by Azure Capital, RTP Capital, and alongside a handful of Angel investors. FilterEasy is a member-based air filter subscription service for homeowners, which has an immediate impact on the air quality and energy savings inside a home. How it works… Read more »

Slack Attack: the Workplace Messaging App is Going Social


Slack is taking over my social life. This morning, when I woke up, I rooted around under my pillow for my phone. While in the past I would have checked my e-mail first, or my Twitter mentions, the first thing I did was check Slack. Slack is the year-old workplace messaging app that everyone is… Read more »

Post-Kickstarter Hush is Tapping Their Mentor Networks

hush earplugs

In the wake of Hush absolutely tearing their Kickstarter goal to shreds, I simply had to get in touch with the founder Daniel Lee to dig in. They successfully wrapped their Kickstarter campaign ($593,255 in total) and have embarked upon the next stage of their journey with the help of the local San Diego powerhouse incubator… Read more »

The Evolution Of The IT Professional [Infographic]


As technology continues to change, so does the demand for general and specialized IT jobs. This is a growing industry, which has been projected to grow 20% here in the United Stated by 2022. Just think about the amount of courses available now for people wanting to join the profession. Although most of such positions continue… Read more »

Take Care: “Friendly Fraud” is Widespread


“Friendly” and “fraud” are words that do not really seem fit to be paired together, but the truth is that they often are. “Friendly fraud” happens when customers use a credit card to make a purchase, usually online transactions, and then dispute the charge with their credit card company once the item arrives. Which is the… Read more »

9 Tips for Waking Up Early [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Tips for Waking Up Early

For the latter part of college and a bit of time afterwards, I thrived on waking up early; on a typical day, I would wake up between the hours of 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM, and get ahead on my morning routine. It was great, and overall it made my mornings more productive. But waking… Read more »

Smart-Home Hub Branto Launches on Kickstarter


Yes, smart homes are the future, but should it be so expensive? Ukrainian startup Branto thinks not. So they developed a smart home hub that works as a wireless assistant device that serves up a wide range of functions including monitoring your home or business with a 360° camera, microphone and speaker; controlling your TV, thermostat, and… Read more »