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Why Your Own Internal Business Apps Can Boost Productivity

smartphone productivity

When a lot of businesses think about getting their own mobile apps made, they often consider this as a means of customer engagement. Apps can be very effective marketing tools, and can also allow your customers access to your services on-the- go, so it makes a lot of sense to consider them for these purposes…. Read more »

Choosing the Right Content Marketing Agency

content marketing agency

How do you choose the right content marketing agency for your business? After all, if you are hiring someone to create content for your business then more than likely you are not interested in writing content yourself. Which by default leads you to ask the inevitable questions most businesses have when they think about content… Read more »

Acclimatising to Global Growth: 3 Inspirational Business Models that Start in the Black

cash dollars

With business investment in the UK falling unexpectedly in the third quarter due to what Howard Archer from IHS Global Insight called “caution in the face of increased global growth concerns”, preserving funds is clearly becoming a chief concern for British enterprises. Thanks to the Christmas retail season, UK business has just received a much… Read more »

10 Great Ways to Make Money Online with Your Smart Phone


For those of you who thought that it was impossible for you to make money online when you are sitting on your smart phone, think again. Here we have some fascinating tips and tricks that you can use to make a whole lot of money while surfing the internet. There are all sorts of exciting opportunities that… Read more »

Regex: What it is and 3 Sources to Learn More


Regular expression, also known as regex, regexp or even rational expression, is something that many people might not know but can actually be very useful. regex is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern or, in more colloquial terms, wildcards on steroids. For example, the most used expression to search all text files in… Read more »

Common Sense Social Media Advice to Memorize Right Away


Social media, just like any other form of promotion, has positives and negatives but common sense is vital if you want to get great results. Whenever talking about social media we need to be aware of reputation and of the fact that branding is a huge part of everything that we do. Joining social networks… Read more »

8 Essential Apps and Sites For Every College Student


The reality is that technology continues to merge with different activities in our everyday lives. A good example is found on college campuses where most students are using innovative gadgets. Here are 8 essential apps and sites for every college student, in three different categories: Reading Aldiko Book Reader Aldiko is a good alternative eBook reader… Read more »

How to Create a WordPress Blog [Infographic]


Have you ever come across a really breathtaking WordPress blog? Chances are, you’re probably subscribed to at least one of them. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably always wanted to have your own WordPress blog site, but the typical one-click install may seem a bit too generic for you. However, installing the full WordPress… Read more »

Here are StumbleUpon’s Top 20 Videos of 2014


It’s that time of year again my friends: time for lists! As the 2014 year comes to a close, people all over the world will be reading lists of the top (insert anything) of 2014. There’s inevitably going to be a list of the top YouTube videos of 2014, but this year I wanted to… Read more »

This Interactive Graph Compares the World’s Top Startup Ecosystems


San Francisco and the Bay Area are no longer the only alternative for entrepreneurs and investors looking to find a budding tech ecosystem. More people are looking for opportunities beyond. Simply Business released an interactive comparative graph of the world’s top startup ecosystems. These graphs illustrate best opportunities for startups seeking funding, startups not seeking funding, investors and… Read more »