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Planning to Visit London? Don’t Miss These Apps!


London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is the most visited city in the world, according to MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. With a growth in visitors around 8%, with an estimated total of 18.69 million international visitors this year. It is safe to assume that if most of these visitors utilized smartphone apps,… Read more »

Waygo Translates Korean With the Wave of a Smartphone


With travel to Asia becoming increasingly popular, Waygo has made it their mission in life to help language learners, tourists, and business travelers experience the culture just like a local would. The name of the app itself is derived from the Chinese pinyin word for foreign country, and users simply wave their smartphone camera over… Read more »

Little Rock’s Talentt App Helps You Source Local Freelancers


The trend towards going local is now being applied to freelancing.  Little Rock startup talentt is helping business owners find local, available talent, based on the skills they provide, to get the job done.  Finding someone local eliminates common problems such as unreliability and communication breakdown that are often associated with outsourcing work. “Outsourcing to a distant… Read more »

New Story: Writing a New Chapter of Tech and Social Good


Founded in September 2014, New Story is leveraging technology for social good. Using their transparent crowdfunding platform, the New Story community has been able to fund two new homes for families afflicted by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti: these families have been living in tents for over four years and will move into their new… Read more »

6 Quotes to Bust Startup Stress


How do you combat startup stress when it threatens to overwhelm you? We’ve written before about ways that can help, including getting to the root of stress, getting involved in your startup community, and disconnecting. But sometimes, you don’t have time. You might just have two minutes between meetings, not enough to get comfortable and… Read more »

4 Viral Christmas Videos to Give You Some Holiday Cheer


Whether you want to laugh, cry, or sing along, here are four of the latest viral Christmas videos that everyone is talking about: 1. Grocery store symphony If all the lights went off at your grocery store and the cashiers started playing “Jingle Bells” on their scanners, would you be annoyed? These people weren’t. (Edeka… Read more »

3 Entrepreneurs Explain What Inspires Them, What the Future Will Hold and How the Government Can Help


What inspires innovation? Some entrepreneurs have an “aha” moment that leads them to their newest venture, while others wait years for the right ingredients to come together and bring their innovative designs to life. I talked to three entrepreneurs from disparate fields – clean energy, robotics and wearables – to learn what drives them to… Read more »

4 Startup Tips from Constant Contact’s Alec Stern


This Thursday, December 11, we are holding our Tech Cocktail Week: December Sessions in downtown Las Vegas, where we will hear about the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, investors and other industry experts. Get your ticket now. Alec Stern is the VP of strategic innovation and the executive-in-residence for the Small Business Innovation Program at Constant Contact, the… Read more »

What Your Job Says about Your Sex Life


Clover, a dating app for meeting people nearby, just released an infographic analyzing whether your profession predicts your relationship preferences: a hookup, something casual, long-term, or just friends. The data come from their users, who enter what kind of relationship they’re looking for. Among the findings that are relevant to the tech space: Engineers prefer… Read more »

It’s Travel Season: These 3 Apps Make You a Power Traveler

travel app

Everyone loves to travel. It’s a simple truth. Whether it’s to the closest big city or halfway across the globe, humans like to get away every now and then; it’s healthy for us. The future of travel looks bright because it is becoming easier and cheaper than ever, mostly due to modern tech and mobile apps. Check… Read more »

6 Practical Reasons Marketers Should Learn to Code

digital marketing

While marketers don’t necessarily need to master Ruby, basic levels of HTML, CSS, and maybe even JavaScript or Python can help improve a resume for someone in the digital marketing arena today.  Here are 6 concrete reasons why marketers should learn to code. For SEO to be Effective, Marketers Should “Read” a Page’s Skeleton in… Read more »

Medina Capital Closes on $182M Private Equity Fund


South Florida-based firm Medina Capital announced today it has closed their new private equity fund with total committed capital of US $182 million for high-growth tech companies. As reported in The Starting Gate, the fund’s typical investment size is $10 million to $20 million and it will invest in early growth-stage companies in cyber-security, big data, mobility and… Read more »

The Intersection of Marijuana and Technology, Part 2


This post is a continuation of my interview with Leslie Bocskor, Chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. Tech Cocktail: How are people bringing the marijuana industry to the world of technology? Leslie Bocskor: I was at an ArcView event in Denver in 2013 when Isaac Dietrich got up to present MassRoots, a social networking app for mobile devices specific to marijuana… Read more »