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The Evolution Of The IT Professional [Infographic]


As technology continues to change, so does the demand for general and specialized IT jobs. This is a growing industry, which has been projected to grow 20% here in the United Stated by 2022. Just think about the amount of courses available now for people wanting to join the profession. Although most of such positions continue… Read more »

Take Care: “Friendly Fraud” is Widespread


“Friendly” and “fraud” are words that do not really seem fit to be paired together, but the truth is that they often are. “Friendly fraud” happens when customers use a credit card to make a purchase, usually online transactions, and then dispute the charge with their credit card company once the item arrives. Which is the… Read more »

9 Tips for Waking Up Early [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Tips for Waking Up Early

For the latter part of college and a bit of time afterwards, I thrived on waking up early; on a typical day, I would wake up between the hours of 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM, and get ahead on my morning routine. It was great, and overall it made my mornings more productive. But waking… Read more »

Smart-Home Hub Branto Launches on Kickstarter


Yes, smart homes are the future, but should it be so expensive? Ukrainian startup Branto thinks not. So they developed a smart home hub that works as a wireless assistant device that serves up a wide range of functions including monitoring your home or business with a 360° camera, microphone and speaker; controlling your TV, thermostat, and… Read more »

Enter Your Digital Work for the Webby Awards!

Webby Awards

Tech.Co is pleased to announce our media partnership with The Webby Awards. The Webby Awards has extended the deadline for submissions, which means that you now have until January 30 to enter your digital work to be eligible for “the Internet’s Highest Honor,” according to The New York Times. Let’s take a look at this… Read more »

Startup CEO: The Loneliest Job in the World?

Lonely CEO

The presidency was dubbed the “loneliest job in the world” in 1961, when New York Times photographer George Tames snapped a black-and-white photo of President John F. Kennedy alone in the Oval Office. The US president is arguably the most powerful person in the world, but also the source of endless blame. Their decisions affect… Read more » Sold for $85,000 Sold for $85,000 on Flippa

Last night, Mathew Carpenter made things official with his Ship Your Enemies Glitter venture, and sold its corresponding site for $85,000. The website was auctioned on Flippa, the online marketplace for websites, domains, and apps. was just sold on Flippa @ $85,000! #congrats #shipyourenemiesglitter — Flippa (@Flippa) January 22, 2015 After launching… Read more »

Go Ahead and Launch a ‘Coming Soon’ Page

coming soon

Let’s say you’ve just started a business and have filed all the pertinent paperwork. You’ve just bought your site’s domain, and now you’re wondering what you can publish online while the public waits for your completed site to go live. Of course, you could choose to do absolutely nothing. But where’s the fun in that?… Read more »

Nabo TV: All of Your Digital Streaming in One Place

Nabo TV

Founded in 2014, Nabo TV was built as a media hub to unify a user’s digital entertainment subscriptions into one centralized, single search library. Matt Hicks, CEO of Nabo TV, built the software with the express desire to provide an alternative to traditional media players by eliminating the need to search through individual channels and… Read more »

Amidst $6M Series A, TriggerMail Rebrands as Bluecore

Bluecore Series A

Since participating in the Techstars 2013 New York Class, life for TriggerMail has been busy – or should I say Bluecore. They today announced that they’ll officially be rebranding as Bluecore, previously TriggerMail, and the team was excited to jointly announce the close of a successful $6 million Series A funding round led by FirstMark… Read more »

Tech Wildcatters Launches Corporate Innovation Network

Dallas Tech Wildcatters

This week Tech Wildcatters, the Dallas based, world’s-best B2B accelerator, announced the first members to join their Corporate Innovation Network. The exclusive network was created by Gabriella Draney, cofounder and Managing Partner, in an effort to better connect the early adopters of corporate America to the most cutting-edge B2B tech startups. Specifically, Draney has designed… Read more »

From ICQ to WhatsApp: The Rise of Instant Messengers


Messaging app WhatsApp announced this week that it will be releasing its service to desktop, thanks to a web client that launched for Chrome and Android. According to The Verge, WhatsApp confirmed earlier rumors, which pointed to a newly live page at “The primary use is of course still on your phone,” a spokesman said, “but there… Read more »

WiFi Map Hits 7 Million User Milestone


WiFi Map has made it their mission to crowdsource data in an effort to help people find access to WiFi hotspots around the world. Users go around to public WiFi hotspots, rate the strength of the network, share the passwords, and leave additional helpful comments. Today the WiFi Map team announced that they have officially hit the… Read more »

Booze Delivery App Minibar Launches in Miami


If you won’t come to the bar then the bar must come to you. New York-based startup Minibar, a booze deliver app has launched in Miami. By downloading the Minibar app, users can easily order wine, spirits and beer for delivery. The delivery, which promises under an hour delivery will be available in Miami’s downtown area… Read more »