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Fleetio Fleet Tracking Review

August 13, 2018

11:38 am

Fleetio Logo
  • Established: 2005
  • HQ: Edmond, OK
  • Not ELD Compliant
  • Below average pricing
  • Reporting features have limited functionality
  • 14-day free trial

A straightforward and inexpensive choice.

Fleetio offers an FMS solution that’s far cheaper than most, but is available only as software and isn’t ELD compliant by itself. Use an ELD-compliant telemetrics integration, though, and Fleetio’s fleet management system covers most features a manager will need, from maintenance management to fuel tracking.

Users can connect to Manage on the go, using a free app on their mobile device. All of Fleetio’s products are mobile-compatible and look great on a phone screen — a perk of the startup’s young age.

  • Serves any size fleet: from 10 to 1,000+ vehicles
  • Prices are less expensive than the FMS industry average
  • Service coverage is international.

Fleetio was launched in 2012 as a tech startup with a clear goal. Its fleet management systems are designed to help organizations easily track their fleet’s data, analyze what they find, and use the results to improve their operation.

To reach this goal, the FMS provider sells a flagship service, Fleetio Manage. It’s a traditional FMS offering all the features a manager will expect, with one big exception: It doesn’t support ELD compliance, since it’s a software and doesn’t include the hardware unit needed to collect vehicle data. Since the ELD mandate is a legal requirement for all U.S. commercial motor vehicles, Fleetio has a solution for its users: Telemetrics integrations, which lets third-party hardware pair up with Fleetio software for a full FMS. Our review covers this in a little more depth later on.

Each account using Fleetio Manage allows for unlimited users, letting anyone in the fleet the chance to track that fleet’s activity (though exactly what they see can be tailored).

Fleetio Go and Fleetio Parts, two free mobile apps, allow drivers to communicate with fleet operators about their start times, fuel use, daily vehicle inspections, and in the case of Parts, what vehicle parts they need to replace. While these apps are free, fleet owners will need to purchase a monthly service plan to use the more robust Fleetio Manage.

Fleetio Manage: Core Features

Asset Management

Fleetio Manage tracks all of a business’ assets within the manager’s dashboard. Each asset is labelled a “vehicle” within the software, but managers can add other equipment or offices if they’re looking for a more complete at-a-glance overview of their total operating costs. Drivers’ work orders can be processed and matched to the assets they’ll be using.

Fleetio Manage

Maintenance Management

The system also tracks a fleet’s maintenance needs: if a vehicle is due for an inspection, a registration or an emissions test, the manager will receive an email notification reminding them about the event along with the vehicle’s number and the name of its operator. Emergency notifications can also be triggered through Manage, allowing managers to respond quickly to instances like low tire pressure.

Drivers can manually log vehicle defects as well, establishing a record of when non-routine maintenance should be made.

Driver Scheduling

Using the free Fleetio Go app, drivers can receive a manager’s assigned routes or inspections. In turn, managers can track each assignment history by vehicle.

Fleetio vehicle map


Fleet managers can establish a geofence around a specific location. This lets the software know to trigger a notification when the vehicle in question passes through that geofence.

Parts and Inventory

Keeping tracking of vehicle parts — which make up over one third of an average fleet’s total maintenance costs — can greatly impact a company’s bottom line. Using Fleetio Manage, operators can track the number of spare parts available, getting notifications to restock them when needed in order to keep their parts inventory full, and keep their trucks on the road.

Telemetrics Integrations

Fleetio Manage isn’t ELD compliant by itself. However, you can hook up your existing GPS hardware to it, as long as its from Fleetio’s fairly comprehensive list of supported telemetrics partners. Geotab, Verizon Connect, Samsara, KeepTruckin, and Azuga are just a few of the biggest names on their list, which includes 18 in total.

While the exact telemetrics features you’ll benefit from vary depending on the hardware provider you opt for, you can expect automatic odometer updates, near-real-time vehicle tracking, and Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts, as well as ELD compliance, from most of Fleetio’s telemetrics integration partners.

Fuel Tracking

Fleetio Manage records driver-written entries logging the per-gallon fuel cost, the gallons used, the date and time of a fill-up, and an image of the receipt. The FMS automatically calculates the fuel economy, per-mile cost and total fuel costs, giving managers the pre-crunched data they need to determine how to save the most fuel.

The FMS also offers fuel card integrations for WEX, Fleetcor or Comdata as well as allowing manual data entry.

ELD compliance logo FMSCA
A Note on ELD Compliance

ELD compliance is not covered by Fleetio, which offers software products rather than the hardware unit required for full ELD legal approval. However, Fleetio’s open API means their software can easily integrate with third-party ELD units.

Set Up and Customer Support

A fleet’s employees and, particularly, managers should be familiar with the internet, as this is where the majority of Fleetio’s support documents are located: The company offers a raft of online documentation, webinars, and case studies.

Fleetio’s customer service crew still connects with clients in real time, as well, however. They’re available to be reached by phone from 7am until 8pm Eastern Time during the work week, and they run a chat window on their website during the same hours.

Tip: Fleetio’s apps are built for modern browsers, so make sure yours is updated. The company supports Internet Explorer 9 and higher; Firefox 43 and higher; Safari 5.1 and higher; and Chrome 22 and higher.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: 1 (800) 975-5304, ext 1
  • Phone support 7am-8pm ET M-F
  • Email:
  • Email support 7am-8pm ET M-F

Training options

  • Webinars
  • Online help center
  • FAQs
  • API Documentation
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers

Fleetio Fleet Tracking: Plans and Pricing

Fleetio Manage starts at $50 per month for a service coverage that includes up to ten assets. For each asset after that, Manage costs an additional $5/month. The advanced plan, which includes more detailed parts and work order records, starts at $225 per month for the first twenty-five assets and costs $9 per month for each additional asset.

14-day free trials are available for the Fleetio Manage FMS. Before you sign up to a paid plan, see how Fleetio’s regular pricing compares to other top FMS providers with Tech.Co’s comparison form.

The Verdict

Despite its relatively young age, Fleetio’s fast-iterating mentality means that it is constantly improving its services. Today, it offers a moderately comprehensive, cost-effective FMS that should satisfy the needs of all but the most demanding fleets.

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