Amazon Is Finally Killing the Dash Button

Amazon has finally decided to kill the Dash button, its first experiment into smart home shopping technology, and all we can say is, it's about time. Learn more about how they're repurposing the brand and whether you can still use your device.


Google to Offer App Subscription on Play Store

Worried that you don't already have enough online subscriptions with Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Xbox Live or whatever else you're signed up for? Well, prep your wallet, Google is coming in hot with a subscription service for its Android Play store.

Tablets and iPads

Best Business Tablet for 2019

Can a tablet replace your business laptop? Sure it can! But before you throw your trusted laptop into the trash, take a look at our guide to the best tablets for business currently on the market, including Apple models, Windows 10 devices, and some Android models too.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Next iPhone

Apple is getting ready to announce the new iPhone for 2019. But given the few updates found in leaks, it's safe to say you should wait another year, particularly when you consider the competition, the weird camera, and the lack of 5G capabilities.


Samsung Tab S6 Tablet – Everything You Need to Know

Samsung has unveiled its latest tablet, the Tab S6 - a 10.5-inch Android-driven device, which follows on from the Tab S4, with Samsung hoping that it will be able to challenge Apple's dominance with a list of new features such as an onscreen fingerprint sensor and keyboard case.

Wearable Tech

Oculus Quest Review

Want a gaming VR headset but don't want to pay out for a separate PC or console? Oculus thinks it has the solution with its self-contained VR headset, pitched at a more palatable price than its high-end Rift and with a strong library of VR's greatest hits.


Apple Could Launch Seven New iPads This Year

Apple could be releasing as many as seven new iPad models this year, according to filings made with the Eurasian Economic Commission. While details are scant, it looks as though the company is ramping up its tablet offerings, with new models coming in the Fall.


How the Press Covered the Fortnite World Cup

The esports phenomenon Fortnite boasts a massive audience of 250 million registered players. Last weekend, that fanbase came together in the first Fortnite World Cup Finals to watch the best of the best duke it out for a $30 million prize pool.


Firefox Could Get an Ultra-Secure ‘Tor Mode’

Firefox and the Tor Project are, apparently, working on developing a new private mode for Firefox with even more proection and security thanks to Tor's server layering tech. So, what will that mean in practice? And, does it make Firefox a more enticing Chrome alternative?