Apple Revokes Facebook’s Employee-Only iOS Apps

Apple has revoked Facebook's permissions to create and operate employee-only internal applications. The social media giant's employees are working to reinstate its “most critical internal apps immediately.” They're also "pissed."

Asset Tracking

Asset Panda Review

Asset Panda's asset tracking and management system comes with a lot of features, and the interface is flexible thanks to great customization options and support for third-party integrations. Our review covers the core features, the support options, and the price.


Huawei Might Start Making TVs, But Would You Trust One?

According to industry insiders, Huawei is looking to get into your living room, with a range of TVs coming this year. In a first for the tech company, it may release premium smart TVs as soon as this April. But international security concerns around the brand are still mounting.


Smart Cities Aren’t Sexy, But We Need Them

Smart cities won't mean flying cars and robot attendants, but common sense advancements that actively improve the lives of citizens on a daily basis. We speak to companies and city leaders breaking new ground in putting connected data and smart services into citizens' hands.


HideMyAss VPN Review

With its playful name of HideMyAss! and a cheerful donkey visual theme, HMA! Pro is a VPN that doesn’t take itself too seriously, even though it’s up to some serious work. Learn more and see if HideMyAss! is the right VPN for you, with our full review.


New YouTube Scam Targets Victims with Identity Fraud

Influencers and content creators on YouTube are big business, commanding millions in branding deals and attracting legions of devoted fans. It was just a matter of time before a scammer had the idea to get in on the action. Recently, that has taken the form of a phishing scam.


Windows 10 Reserved Storage Wants 7GB of Your Hard Drive

Microsoft has announced that in the near future, Windows 10 will require allocation on your device for Reserved Storage, which will be used to download future updates to the system. This could be bad news for anyone already struggling to juggle space on their Windows computer.