Facebook Birthday Charity Raises $1 Billion

More than $1 billion in donations have flowed through Facebook's birthday fundraisers alone over the past few years, thanks to the over 45 million Facebook users who have donated or created a fundraiser through the massive social platform.


Facebook and Twitter Cull More Accounts and Devs

Over the weekend, Facebook and Twitter announced that they had banned thousands of app developers and accounts. Shady app developers on Facebook were selling user data without protection or permission, while rogue Twitter accounts were engaged in a disinformation campaign.


How to Watch the Rugby World Cup with a VPN

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing, but watching in can get expensive if you're forced to take out a subscription service or sign up for online streaming. The good news is that with a VPN, it will only cost you a few dollars for the best seat in the house (your couch).


Google is Listening to You Again (With Permission)

Google Assistant has started to make use of human reviewers again, after months without them due to negative news stories. With the revelation that recordings were being listening to by human staff, and the public's reaction, Google now aims to be much more transparent.

Dash Cams

Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2019

Fleet managers and truck drivers will know the importance of quality cameras in commercial vehicles- for insurance savings, protection and driver safety. Here's our top picks for the best truck dash cams in 2019, plus all your dash cam FAQs answered.


iOS 13 – Newest Features Explained

It's the time of year for Apple's annual iOS update, and 13, available from today, brings with it a raft of big changes that are sure to be welcomed by iPhone owners. From new security settings to an entire new games library, the iOS 13 update is no half measure.


Facebook’s Libra Blocked in France and Germany

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency has been blocked in France and Germany, citing that "no private entity can claim monetary power." Read the official statement and learn more about who else is pushing back on this innovative digital currency.


LastPass Bug Almost Left Usernames and Passwords Exposed

Last week, security researchers from Google uncovered a bug that would have made LastPass vulnerable by directing users to a website loaded with just a few lines of javascript code. The bug has since been fixed by LastPass, and no users are known to have been affected.

Website Builders

Wix Review

Wix is one of the most versatile website builders on the market — allowing you to create excellent ecommerce and business websites with ease. What's more, Wix doesn't take any commission from online sales and it has plenty of features to help you create a standout website.


Why Big Tech Won’t Take a Stand on Gun Control

Dozens of CEOs from around the world signed a letter asking the Senate to act on gun control. However, four big tech companies were noticeably absent. Find out who they are and why they decided to avoid taking a stand on this hot button issue.

Asset Tracking

How Much Does Asset Tracking Cost?

Asset tracking costs can be anywhere from $15 to $150 per asset per month. In this article, we'll explain how asset tracking prices might be calculated and we'll offer up a few examples, giving you a frame of reference for all costs.

Tablets and iPads

Apple iPad vs iPad Mini – Which is Best?

Apple’s iPad range is an excellent line-up of tablets, and that’s no secret. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, you have two brilliant devices – the original iPad, and the iPad Mini. But given the choice, which should you go for? We stack the iPad and Mini against each ...