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Google Announces AI Ethics Panel

Google has announced the formation of an AI ethics panel, which will tackle how the company should responsibly use and develop AI projects. Made up by a diverse group from academic, corporate and government backgrounds, the council will formulate Google's AI approach.

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8×8 Phone System Review

8x8 specializes in modern cloud-based phone solutions. It can work entirely virtually, or use your existing traditional handsets. Well established and with decades of experience, there are many reasons to choose 8x8. Read our 8x8 review to find out more.


29 Photo Scam Apps Found on Google Play Store

Security firm Trend Micro has found a cache of malicious apps on the Google Play store, masquerading as harmless photo programs. The apps have been downloaded millions of times, and serve users pop-up adverts or pornographic content, and also collect personal data and photos.

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Mitel Phone System Review 2019

Mitel is a globally renowned business communications company. Having purchased competitor ShoreTel last year, it is also now one of the largest business telephone companies on the market. Find out more about their services and products in our comprehensive 2019 review.


Verizon Study Identifies Mobile Security Risk to Businesses

A new study from mobile giant Verizon has shown that the phone in your pocket is magnet to hackers and scammers, showing an increase in the number of attacks on mobile devices. We explain why data hacks and security attacks are becoming riskier on mobile devices in the workplace


Huawei Might Start Making TVs, But Would You Trust One?

According to industry insiders, Huawei is looking to get into your living room, with a range of TVs coming this year. In a first for the tech company, it may release premium smart TVs as soon as this April. But international security concerns around the brand are still mounting.


New YouTube Scam Targets Victims with Identity Fraud

Influencers and content creators on YouTube are big business, commanding millions in branding deals and attracting legions of devoted fans. It was just a matter of time before a scammer had the idea to get in on the action. Recently, that has taken the form of a phishing scam.

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IVR Systems Explained

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology allows callers and computers to interact over the phone through an automated voice recognition system. While it has many applications, its main purpose is to collect information from a caller.