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Business Phone Systems

VoIP vs Landline Phones

A clear business communication system is essential for success. But which is better for it: VoIP vs Landline? Analog vs Digital? New vs Old? Find out the differences to see which telephone system is right for your company, VoIP or landline, and how much you'll have to pay for it.


Facebook Data Breach – Is Single Sign On Safe?

With news that potentially 50 million Facebook accounts have been breached, should you continue using its Single Sign On for other sites? We explain the latest Facebook data breach, and what it means for users worldwide who login via Facebook to other sites and services.

Password Managers

The Best Password Managers for 2019

Data breaches are all too common these days, and relying on a memorized list of passwords, or reusing the same ones, is risky and outdated. The good news is, the best password managers make logging into your online accounts feel effortless. Here are the best to use in 2019


Amazon Reveals New Alexa Gadgets

Amazon has unveiled the latest in its line of Alexa-powered devices. From a wall clock to a power point to a microwave, all of these voice activated products are designed to respond to your spoken commands – plus integrate the Amazon infrastructure into your daily routine.


Why Apple is After the Gray Dollar with the Apple Watch

With the launch of the latest Apple Watch, Apple appears to be reaching out to a new audience, a slightly older market with disposable income and health concerns. We look at how effective this strategy could be, and whether or not the older generations would be interested.


Best Laptop Brands for 2019

In the market for a new laptop? Check out our expert guide to the best laptop brands of 2019, including big names including Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and others. We also break down the main laptop lineup for each range for every budget point.

Business Phone Systems

Alternatives to Google Voice

Google Voice is an internet based VoIP technology that offers a range of features many standard phone providers deliver. However, it also presents a number of issues for users; reliability is just one of them. If you're thinking of switching, here are some alternatives.


Best VPNs for Torrenting 2019

Looking to torrent and don't have a VPN? You could be exposing your privacy and making yourself traceable. We don’t condone illegal file-sharing carried out with or without a VPN, but there are legitimate reasons to torrent – we round up the best VPNs to use for torrenting.


Top Online Scams to Avoid in September

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Instagram, Fortnite and something called 'Sextortion' – they all have one thing in common. They're part of the latest round of online scams trying to catch out victims. We round up the latest scam emails and phoney messages to help you stay safe ...


Will Apple Unveil a New MacBook Next Week?

With an Apple reveal event around the corner on 12 September, will we be seeing new updates to Apple's MacBook, Air, Pro, and Mac Pro ranges? We glance into our magic eight ball and predict what Apple might unveil next week alongside its new iPhone and Apple Watch.