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KeepTruckin Review – ELD Provider

November 9, 2018

11:51 am

KeepTruckin reviews logo
  • Established: 2013
  • HQ: San Francisco
  • ELD Compliant
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free version available

A comprehensive ELD provider with a broad feature range and strong reputation.

KeepTruckin ELDs can be used by any size vehicle, and the accompanying software includes more features than any other ELD solution on the market. Prices start at $20/month per vehicle, a fair deal for the benefits it brings.

  • Serves any size fleet: Covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are around the industry average
  • Service coverage is international

KeepTruckin sells the hardware electronic logging devices (ELDs) that commercial motor vehicle companies need in order to stay federally compliant with the ELD mandate that has recently gone into effect.

Like most ELD providers, the company offers a software in tandem with its hardware units, and this software allows for additional functions beyond simply remaining in compliance. Driver elogs, two-way messaging, GPS location tracking and a suite of vehicle inspection features are included, and that’s just in the basic plan. Drivers can download the Electronic Logbook App for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and use it to track their elogs and manually record their on-duty status.

KeepTruckin’s rise in the industry has been rapid. Within a 12-month period, the company went from $1 million in revenue to more than $50 million, and it’s still growing. Their main selling point: a broad range of features available at a fair price.

TechCo’s KeepTruckin review covers the core features that make the FMS worthwhile, the support and training it offers, and the pricing to expect.

KeepTruckin: Core Features

ELD Compliance

The KeepTruckin ELD unit pairs with its driver’s mobile app to ensure the driver’s HOS data is available at a moment’s notice. In areas not covered with cell service or wifi, a USB or Bluetooth connection can retrieve the data just as easily, ensuring drivers will pass DOT audits with flying colors. In addition, they will receive preventative mobile alerts about upcoming HOS violations while on the job.

Two-Way Messaging

KeepTruckin ELD: Two-way messaging

Managers can send messages to an individual driver or to groups of them. Drivers will also be able to send chats (when it’s safe to do so) including texts, images, or document files. Plus, drivers can click a button to quickly report their current location without needing to type a word. Managers’ read receipts will allow them to tell at a glance which drivers may not have read a critical note.

GPS Location Tracking

Managers can see all vehicles in their fleet on a GPS map, and can access an interactive location history map in order to understand how they got there. GPS coordinates are updated once per minute, and if the mobile app disconnects from the internet, the coordinates will sync up once it’s back online, with no data lost.

Vehicle Inspection

Customizable vehicle inspection forms allow managers to set the standards that can ensure a fleet’s regulation compliance. Real-time alerts will notify the manager when a driver reports a defect or when a vehicle is due for a routine checkup.

On the driver’s side, each vehicle’s full inspection history will be available through the mobile app, letting drivers easily see what upcoming maintenance may be needed.

IFTA Fuel Tracking

KeepTruckin pairs its GPS with data from a vehicle’s odometer to automatically determine the distance each vehicle has traveled and in which region fuel was purchased in. This lets managers easily file IFTA reports. Drivers can upload the receipts themselves through their mobile app, or managers can bulk-upload receipts to their personal dashboard. In addition, mileage exemptions can be claimed based on the data collected.

Vehicle Diagnostics

KeepTruckin vehicle diagnosticsFault codes are monitored in real time by the ELD hardware unit. Unlike vehicle inspections, drivers won’t need to manually enter a report: Fault codes are recorded in the engine, tracked by the ELD unit, and sent automatically to the manager. Historical reports can highlight which fault codes are repeated offenders, pointing out problem areas before they lead to a breakdown or a collision.

Driver Safety Scorecards

With this feature, managers will be able to set up custom safety scorecards to track drivers’ behavior when it comes to hard braking, fast cornering, too much acceleration, or instances of speeding. Drivers are automatically scored and ranked against each other, motivating good performance.

Hardware Units

As with any other ELD provider, KeepTruckin’s hardware units must be installed in each vehicle in order to work. KeepTruckin’s hardware work both with the 6-pin and 9-pin diagnostic ports used by heavy duty vehicles and with the OBDII port used for lighter or medium duty vehicles.

Hardware Overview: Smart Dashcam

KeepTruckin’s smart dashcam can record a street view from the dash of a vehicle, relaying the video to a manager’s central dashboard if needed. This video overview (right) covers the basic functionality offered by the dashcam, including information on how to watch video recordings, how to check its connectivity status and how to export reports from the device.

Set Up and Customer Support

KeepTruckin offers 24/7 support to paying customers via email and phone.

Their website features a “KeepTruckin Learning Center” which includes answers to questions that might be asked by managers as well as by drivers. Guides, white papers, and case studies are available on the site, and KeepTruckin also runs an infrequently updated newsletter.

Support & Training

Support options

Training options

  • FAQs
  • Online guides
  • Learning center

Plans and Pricing

KeepTruckin offers three plans: The Free plan, the Starter plan, and the Plus plan. The free option allows two-way messages, vehicle inspections, and elogs, but does not offer ELD compliance, making it a novelty that’s likely not worth adopting (aside from offering an easy way to trial-run the software interface).

The Starter plan costs $20/month/vehicle, billed annually, and offers ELD compliance, GPS location tracking, and automated alerts in addition to the free plan’s features. Though it’s labelled a “starter” plan, it offers more features than most ELD services, though the lack of fuel tracking capabilities may deter some.

The Plus plan costs $30/month/vehicle, also billed annually. It offers all the features found in the Starter plan, plus IFTA fuel tracking, vehicle utilization, vehicle diagnostics and driver scorecards. It’s also the only plan that supports a smart dashcam.

KeepTruckin hardware units can be bought for $150 each, but are free to lease for the duration of your one-year minimum contract.

It’s worth noting that the IFTA fuel tracking feature is only available in the Plus plan. It’s possibly the most essential feature offered by the Plus plan for most long haul commercial motor vehicle operations. If your fleet’s needs are limited to just ELD compliance and IFTA fuel tracking, the Plus plan is likely too expensive, and you may want to consider a different ELD provider entirely. That said, if you’ll use most of its other functionalities, the feature-rich Plus plan is one of the best deals in the ELD industry, though you can get a full FMS for a similar price.

The Verdict

KeepTruckin is a comprehensive ELD solution for fleets that don’t anticipate needing a full fleet management system any time soon. The Plus plan in particular offers the biggest perks a fleet needs to streamline operations: ELD compliance, IFTA fuel tracking, vehicle inspection and diagnostic alerts, messaging, and GPS location tracking. KeepTruckin is a recommended ELD provider for fleets that need a high level of functionality at a good price.

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