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Website Builders

WordPress Review

Wordpress is a big name in the world of blogging – indeed, it's ideal for making your own blog. But it isn't necessarily perfect for creating other types of website, as you'll find out in our full Wordpress review. Read on for our verdict on using Wordpress for web publishing.

Website Builders

Site123 Website Builder Review 2019

Site123 is a good website builder, which excels at creating functioning sites in literally minutes. However, it's not perfect and has some considerable downsides compared to some of its competitors. Read on to see if Site123 is right for building your website in 2019.

Website Builders

1&1 MyWebsite Review

The 1&1 MyWebsite website builder program has a good website editor, but is sorely let down by its outdated templates, expensive packages and complete lack of an ecommerce offering. Compared to the likes of Wix or Weebly, its features are obviously lacking.

Website Builders

Weebly Review

Weebly is a great website builder. While it can’t quite match Wix, Weebly runs it very close. It’s incredibly simple to start building a Weebly website and, once you’ve chosen your domain and template style, it remains perfectly easy to customize things to your liking.


TikTok Under Investigation on Multiple Fronts

Video-sharing app TikTok is under fire in the UK for its 'exploitative' digital gift system that has seen children rack up huge bills during stars' live streams. On top of this, the UK's privacy watchdog has promised to investigate TikTok's "completely open" messaging system.


What Will Jony Ive’s LoveFrom Agency Do Now?

Apple's legendary Chief Design Office, Jony Ive, has announced that he'll be leaving Cupertino that brought his iconic designs to life to form a new design agency, LoveFrom. But what will Ive and his team actually be designing? Will it be more of the same, or a radical departure?


Android Q vs iOS 13 — Key Features Compared

With both big smartphone operating systems' next generations curently undergoing beta testing, we take a look at all the key features and changes and ask the question - which is best? And, perhaps more importantly, which will move the smartphone game forward?


The UK’s Internet ‘Porn Block’ Delayed Indefinitely

The UK's controversial porn block has been delayed indefinitely after repeated delays which started in 2018. The policy, which was outlined in the Conservative's 2015 General Election Manifesto, has been troubled from the start with uncertainty over how the block would even work.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — Everything You Need to Know

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is supposedly set for an August reveal. But extensive leaking means we already know a fair amount about Samsung's upcoming phablet including the size of the screen, whether it'll have 5G, and whether it'll use a punch hole front camera like the new S10.


Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S9

Is the new iPhone XS the best phone on the market, or is the Samsung Galaxy S9 - nearly a year old, don't forget - still the phone to beat? We take a look at the key features, performance and design to find out. Plus, can the iPhone XS justify its $1,000 price tag?


Twitch is Suing 100 Users for Their Shady Streaming

Streaming site Twitch is lawyering up to take on 100 of its own users. According to a court filing, Twitch is accusing the organized group of 100 streamers of breach of contract and copyright infringement after they continually streamed porn, terrorist attacks, and more.