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New Fitbit Charge 3 Announced

Fitbit Charge 3 featured image

Fitbit has unveiled its newest and most advanced fitness tracker to date, the Fitbit Charge 3. The new Fitbit will be available later in the year and has a range of updates and improvements to build on its predecessors. We round up all the main features of the new Fitbit Charge 3

The Three Best Ways to Make a Website

Starting a website of your own has never been easier, and there have never been more ways to go about getting a website. We explain how to go about publishing your own site, whether you want to do it yourself or contract a website...

Why Chattanooga Has the Fastest Internet in the US

Seal of Chattanooga

Local politicians and residents should be trying to make their town or city the next Chattanooga. The fourth largest city in Tennessee has the best internet in the entire United States, period. But why should this small city boast better broadband than Manhattan or San Francisco?

Top 3 Best Website Builders for Photographers

Best website builders for photographers

One of the easiest ways to get your photography work noticed is by building a first-class photography portfolio website, and the easiest way to do that is with a website builder. There are some brilliant tools available to help you publish a professional-looking photography site.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost to make Starting your own website is a big deal - whether that’s for a business, as an online store, or as a personal blog or portfolio. A website has the potential to completely transform your prospects of making money, attracting new customers or landing that...

Will Tech Feel the Brunt of Trump’s Tariffs?

Donald Trump Xi Jinping Tariffs

On Saturday, custom PC case manufacturer CaseLabs announced via Twitter that it will be closing permanently, having been “forced into bankruptcy and liquidation”. The reason? President Trump’s tariffs on goods imported from China. The company claimed in its bankruptcy …

What Makes a Good Website?

What makes a good website? First impressions count. And, with websites, first impressions are often critical - if users find your site confusing, you’ve lost them, potentially forever. If you’re running a blog or an online magazine, this means you’ve lost a reader. If you’re running a business, this...

What Phone Should You Buy? Key Phone Specs Explained

Phone Features

Once you start breaking down the key features of the major smartphones, it’s easy to work out which ones are the best for you, and which ones offer the best value. We explain what you really need to know about iOS vs Android, plus demystify key specs to help you choose a phone.

Top 10 Best Phones for 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Large

We round up the best phones you can buy in 2018, whether you’re after the latest iPhone or an Android device that puts Apple in the shade. See phones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei and more to find the perfect phone for you. We also explain the main smartphone features to look for.

How To Create a Blog

Remember what blogs looked like in the early days of the internet? They were dull, uninteresting websites that people used to write down all the mundane details of their lives. Nowadays, though, blogs are popular, vibrant and in some cases wildly successful. Everyone has...

Amazon Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Law Enforcement

Amazon-Rekognition Facial Recognition Law Enforcement

Amazon, one of the world’s most powerful tech companies, has quietly been selling its facial recognition technology to U.S. law enforcement. Email and document evidence has found that in 2017, Amazon sold its “Rekognition” facial recognition and people-tracking …

Google Is Planning a Censored Search Engine for China

Google censored Search for China

Google is planning to relaunch its search engine in China, in the form of a censored version designed to comply with Chinese government ideology, according to a whistleblower from within the company. According to leaked documents given to The Intercept, Google is returning to …